Details: For over a decade, bottled water companies have spent millions of dollars to try and persuade us that their product is better than tap water. They served up ads with pristine mountainscapes, snow-fed rivers, and we drank it up. All the while the implication was that tap water was inferior. Heck, sometimes they just came out and said as much.

What has been tap’s response? Unfortunately it has never a marketing budget to help it stand up for itself. Until recently most of tap’s defenders have put forth somewhat crude campaigns made by local utility companies and non-profits. While their intentions are good, their work pales in comparison to the sophisticated marketing tactics of private bottlers.

We want to bring back tap water’s dignity. It just needs a little makeover to help change people’s minds and Faucet Face is here to lead the charge.

~ From Faucet Face’s “About” page.

Personal Experience: Faucet Face provided me with a complimentary sample of each of their three designs for the purpose of this review. They arrived very well protected in an incredibly strong bubble wrap. (Seriously, I want to know where they buy this stuff… pretty sure the NFL could kick these packages around in games and then the players could drink from the bottles afterward.)


The bottles immediately reminded me of classic milk bottles. They stand 8 inches tall and hold a bit over 14 ounces. There’s a twist-off cap (BPA-free) that makes that milk bottle association even stronger. Like those classic bottles, these are constructed to last for a long time. As they say themselves, they are twice as thick as a standard beer bottle. (I’m from Wisconsin… I have to love a beer bottle comparison!)

When I first saw the caps, I did have some concerns about how they would hold up to extended use, but they are not as flimsy as they first appeared to me. The only actual issue I had with them is that the foam gasket piece inside the red cap had come loose. It hasn’t affected my day-to-day use of the bottle, but hey sell replacement caps at a very reasonable cost. The other two caps were in perfect condition.


I love the three designs they do have, but I think “Hose Water” is my clear favorite. It’s quirky! I would love to see even more designs… it would give me an even better reason to buy more. 😉

Yep, I want to buy more. I love these glass water bottles from Faucet Face. I love the name Faucet Face! The bottles are the perfect size to take along. They fit in the cup holders in our car (a car dated back to the days before they started making “big gulp” sized holders) and in the cup holders on our stroller. They can be held comfortably in your hand.

IMAG1101editIf you’ve only ever used plastic water bottles, you may not truly understand how much that plastic flavors your water. That “flavor” is chemicals leaching from the plastic. These chemicals could be making you sick. Trust me… glass is far superior. It also keeps the liquids inside colder much longer. I like to bring water with me to bed. I have cats, so I don’t trust an open glass. I used to bring my usual plastic water bottle to bed. Within an hour the water was warm and gross. Now my Faucet Face bottles go to bed with me. 🙂 I can still enjoy a fresh, cool sip of water after 8 hours!

An individual bottle sells for $15. Purchases go to help purchase water filter systems for residents of rural India.You can learn more about 1 for 100 program here.

I think these would be a great gift for pretty much anyone, really… moms, dads, teachers, college students, the eco-conscious, and maybe even that office mate who insists on using up all the disposable cups at the water cooler. Also earning my rare 5-star rating. I’ve been on the hunt for an all around perfect water bottle and I finally found it!

Pros: Sleek, cute, and just the right size. Three great designs. Great price… comparable to plastic water bottles. Your purchase helps to fund water filter systems for those in rural India.

Cons: I had a loose cap piece, but it didn’t affect the function of my bottle and I can buy a replacement. They need more designs! (Not really a con in the traditional sense, but I had to repeat it.)

Overall Rating


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