Details: Created to make mealtimes easier with a picky eater, FunBites is a simple kitchen tool for cutting food into bite-size pieces. Not just for sandwiches… it can also be used on fruit, pancakes, cheese, and more! FunBites cutters are 100% made in the USA, BPA free, Mom invented, and hand wash or dishwasher safe.

Personal Experience: With all the fun we had with our Cube It cutter, I was very happy to be given the chance to try the Hearts cutter and their new Triangle design. I was excited to see what fun creations could come from our kitchen with the addition of new shapes.

The Cube It was a very basic cutter… great for just dicing up a sandwich for a picky toddler or pieces of cheese for a party. The new shapes took this further, allowing for us to play with our food in even more ways and encouraging our toddler to try foods he was hesitant to try.

I was making English muffins with scrambled eggs and cheese for breakfast. Until this point, Xander had never had English muffins and he would spit out egg if we could even get him to try it. I began basic… keeping the muffins whole while I used all three cutters to carve out a variety of shapes from pats of butter, scrambled egg and sliced cheese. I succeeded in creating something that resembled a snowman. (My food art skills need some work.) Some buttery buttons and eyes, a cheesy scarf, and egg legs later… Xander actually ate some egg and gobbled up a muffin. Mission accomplished!


I used some of the same ingredients the next day to create a fun animal-like face. I used the heart cutter to create the head. The ears and eyes were created with the triangle cutter. The nose was a small heart cut in half. Bits of egg from my breakfast gave him pupils. It looks like a cross between a cat and a Muppet to me. Am I wrong?

It still amazes me how well the FunBites cut. They are made of a stick plastic with a narrowed edge. It will quickly cut through many foods… including tough English muffins… yet won’t cut a child. It gives kids a great opportunity to help out in the kitchen.

Funbites would make a fun gift for anyone with kids or that likes to have fun with their food. Great for making meals special or for making party prep easier.

Pros: Fun. Sturdy. Surprisingly versatile. Great for creating fun lunches and cute party treats. Can help improve kids’ eating habits. Safe for kids to use… with supervision, of course!

Cons: The cost is a bit high, but you can reduce the cost by buying sets. Hand-washing these is no fun… I needed a narrow brush to get some spots.

Overall Rating


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Just a heads up: if you’re interested in purchasing, FunBites occasionally  has fan-only coupon codes available on their Facebook page. 

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