Details: Kidz Gear is about delivering a line of products and accessories with adult product features, performance and quality levels, but available at a price-point in-line with products for children.

As many parents have, founder Laurie Peterson has purchased “toy” products for her children: headphones, binoculars, flashlights — only to find they were poorly manufactured, using substandard if not even dangerous components and materials. Obviously, she was tired of purchasing toys and could not afford to give her children the “adult” versions of these products. Laurie decided there was a need to meet in the middle with high-quality, fully functional, and ergonomically designed products that are value-priced and in the sizes and styles kids will love! Thus the birth of Kidz Gear:

Personal Experience: Kidz Gear provided me with a complimentary set of headphones, splitter cable, and pouch. The headphones come in a wide variety of colors. I chose the green, because it is my son’s favorite color.


The headband of the headphones are made from a plastic that is thick but light-weight… making it kid-tough but easy on their ears. The headband is easily adjustable. They began small enough to fit a doll and expanded to large enough to fit my own head. The earpieces are sized just right for little ears and heavily padded. They swivel inward and outward from the head to get the custom fit of high-end adult headsets. They were very comfortable on the ears.


I had to wait for the Prince’s nap to get a chance to try out the sound… he wouldn’t take them off! In all the time he had them on I was able to note that they fit him very well. When he would wear my headphones, they would frequently slide off of his head and the earpieces never quite fit against the ear. This problem no longer exists with the Kidz Gear headphones.

The sound was very good… pretty much the “adult-quality” product that Kidz Gear promises. When playing some streaming music or when increasing the volume to the upper levels the sound would get a bit scratchy and gave the music a sort of distant sound.

There is an easy-to-use volume control dial directly on the cable of the headphones. For those concerned with letting their children loose with their own volume controls, the headphones include a free KidzControl™ Volume Limit Cable. It is just a short extension cord, of sorts, that attaches to the end of the end of the headphone cable and limits the volume that can be reached. It’s really quite ingenious!

The splitter cable worked well also. It’s a great way to allow two children to listen to the same device without disturbing those around them. This would be great for car trips! The Prince likes to share what he is listening to and the splitter has given us a way to do this much more easily.

The wired headphones sell for $19.99 each and available in seven colors. The wireless are $29.99 each and available in black only. They include a free carrying pouch. If you order two sets, you get the splitter cable for free. Overall, a great find for the kids on your gift lists!

Pros: High-quality audio sized for little heads. :) A large variety of colors plus a wireless version to cover the tastes or needs of any child. Adjustable band. Price is amazing for the quality.

Cons: Sound got a bit scratchy on some songs. It appeared to be mostly when playing streaming music, so the audio quality was lower to begin with.

Overall Rating


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