Details: The PlasmaCar™ is an innovative, ride-on toy that harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction and kid power! Its sleek, aerodynamic design allows you to reach an exhilarating speed of 10 km (6 miles) per hour. All you need is a smooth, flat surface. Fun for kids and big kids alike!

Personal Experience: As the mom of a toddler, I’m always looking for toys that keep my son active… and it helps if they wear him out enough to sleep well at night! When you can find a toy that does that and will grow with him, then you’ve found a real winner. So, it will probably be no surprise that I couldn’t wait to try out the PlasmaCar.

The PlasmaCar arrived in a large box. I was surprised by how few parts were in the box and how uncomplicated it was to piece it together. All you need is a wrench or screw driver and a rubber mallet or hammer with wood block. The rear wheels snap in and then you set them in place with the mallet. The front wheel shaft is connected with the handlebars. The most complicated part was properly aligning these parts… it definitely helped to have an extra hand here. Then you just tighten the nut that holds it all together. They do say to get this as tight as you can for the best performance.


The PlasmaCar is much more lightweight than I expected for a ride-on toy that can handle up to 220 pounds! I was easily able to carry it down to our local park and toss it into the trunk to bring it to Nana’s house. It can be played with outdoors or indoors. The Prince likes to terrorize… err… follow the cats around the house on it.


Riding on the toy has been fun for everyone that has used it… from my toddler son to my mom to my husband… and me too, of course! It’s one of those very simple toys that appeals to all ages. It takes only seconds for anyone to figure out how to operate and it doesn’t take much effort to get a good speed going.

The PlasmaCar works best on flat, smooth surfaces. It did very well on sidewalks and on the park’s basketball court. It did okay in a parking lot, but got hung up anywhere that there was a little pile of stone or pits in the surface. It was very difficult to get it moving uphill. Most of the time, even the adults gave up and just pushed forward with their feet. Coming back downhill was fun! It did make me think that some sort of breaking device would be a wise addition, though.

The suggested retail price for the PlasmaCar is $69.99. Considering the wide age range and sizes of those that can ride this toy, I think it’s a steal! This is especially true when you consider that it will never require batteries and there are no gears or pedals to break. This would make an amazing gift for any youngster (or young at heart) on  your holiday gift list.

Pros: A fun, kid-powered toy that will grow with them. No batteries and minimal moving parts. Can be used by kids and adults up to 220 pounds. Lightweight and easy to transport. Great price for such a diverse toy. Easy to assemble.

Cons: We had trouble using it on some surfaces… perhaps we’ll get better with more practice. 🙂

Overall Rating


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