Details: I See Me! provides the highest quality, most personalized children’s books available. They opened for business in May of 2000, after a year of active product development.  The founders received a personalized book as a gift for their first son in 1998. They loved the fact that it was personalized, but thought that the illustrations could have been much better and the story more customized to the child. Thus I See Me! was born.

Their mission is to increase self esteem in children through personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of I See Me books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is, to teach the child how to spell his or her name, and to build vocabulary skills.

Personal Experience: I See Me sent me a copy of their 1-2-3 Blast Off With Me Personalized Book1-2-3 Blast Off With Me Coloring and Activity Book, and My Very Own Pirate Tale Personalized Coloring Book. I had the opportunity to personalize each, so I did the book for my son and the coloring books for my nephews. I wanted to be able to show you how the different names are handled.

The personalized children’s book with pictures arrived in a box with protective bubble wrapping. The personalized coloring and activity books were in a stiff mailer envelope. All three were in perfect shape and had that newly-printed book smell… which I love!

I was completely impressed with the 1-2-3 Blast Off With Me Personalized Book! It was smaller than I had expected, but perfectly sized to a child (and completely my fault for not reading that the dimensions are 6″x 6″). I have come across personalized books where the custom parts were written in different fonts or stand out in some way or where custom faces looked poorly cropped and out of place. This is not the case here. From cover to cover, my son’s photo was carefully and convincingly incorporated into each brightly colored page and his name is inserted into the story in ways that do not seem forced. I also love that the vehicles had his name as the business name… and his birth date was incorporated as a license plate number. Such a cute touch!


The story is just the right length for a bedtime story… which is great, because my son chooses it every night! He is completely fascinated by this book that has his face in it. He likes to go through page by page and “read” it to himself. I took a video of this. I apologize for the quality of the video. It was just before bedtime, so the lights were dimmed. Oh, and his new phrase is, “What the heck?” Yeahhhh…

The coloring books did not disappoint, either. Clean, crisp line drawings tell a story and teach your child. The pages are made of heavy-weight paper. This isn’t a dollar store coloring book! My Very Own Pirate Tale uses each letter of the child’s name to spell out a story unique to the child. 1-2-3 Blast Off With Me has lessons on letters, colors, and writing your child’s name.


As if any of these wouldn’t already be great unique gifts, all three books allow for a dedication in the front so your lucky little recipients will have a lasting reminder of who gave them these wonderful personalized gifts! They sell personalized lunchboxes and placemats, too… you can see my original review here. They now also have puzzles and stickers!

You would normally hear me mumbling in irritation if I saw a $29.95 price tag on a book, but I would have no issue paying that for a book of this quality and level of personalizing. The coloring books are also a great deal at $9.95 each.

Pros: Adorable designs on long-lasting items, high-quality items. Personalization seems intentional and not forced. Photo personalization appears carefully done.

Cons: With books that spell out a name as part of the storyline, a kid with a short name is likely to get short-changed.

Overall Rating


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