Details: School of Wash, one of the first Mommy and Munchkin businesses was born by summer camp sales. It’s true! Without my knowledge, my 11-year old daughter sold the bath products I was making just for her to all of her summer camp friends. The parents loved the fact that the products were handmade, contained no dyes and were safe for the most delicate of skin. The kids loved the 245 different scents they were able to choose from to customize their bath product line. The feedback was so positive that I decided to start School of Wash. We are a mom/daughter owned company, right here in the USA, making a difference in our market by bringing the FUN back into bath time.

As a family owned business we feel it is important to treat our customers like family. We use all our products in our own bathrooms because we feel they are the best on the market. For us, this is a family affair!

The inspiration for School of Wash™? One evening as my daughter drudged towards the bathroom she exclaimed, “You know Mom, I’m not a baby anymore why do I have to use shampoo with a baby on it?” Sometimes the logic of a child is so simple it is brilliant. Why shouldn’t bath time be COOL? After months of trial and error to find just the right name and products to peak her interest, I found a way to not only keep her bath time COOL but allowed her to be the creative force in the brand and product design.

~From School of Wash’s “About” page.

Personal Experience: When given the opportunity to experience School of Wash, I wanted to showcase several of their product lines so School of Wash provided me with Handmade Body Wash in Baby Powder, Handmade Shampoo and Conditioner in Baby Powder, Handmade Solid Perfume for Her in Cherry Blossom, MAN Handmade Cologne in Man “Blog of Manly”, and Lulu’s Pet Care Kit in Cotton Blossom. My products arrived well-wrapped in styrofoam peanuts with no damage. I’m not a huge fan of the use of packing peanuts, but I am happy that there were no leaks or breaks.


I chose the Baby Powder scented items to use on Xander. The scent was strong and pleasant from the moment I opened the containers. The liquids were all clear and pure as water, except for the conditioner, of course. We have used the collection on him for several baths, but not every bath because we limit his contact with perfumed products. (Xander has eczema.) It leaves his skin soft with a light powdery scent that is unmistakably baby powder. The shampoo and conditioner leave his hair shiny, silky, and more heavily scented. (Recommended reading.) We can still smell the lovely powderiness of him well into the next day. It’s nothing short of a miracle to keep that boy smelling clean that long!

For myself, I went with a solid perfume in the Cherry Blossom scent. A little has gone a loooooooooong way with this. I’ve been using this daily for 12 days and you can’t even tell I’ve touched the tin! It is another strong and long-lasting fragrance… similar to the baby powder but with a subtle cherry scent. I would describe it as a just-showered scent that lasts most of the day. In the time I’ve been using this perfume, I’ve had three people ask me what my perfume or body wash was because they wanted to get some. To me, that’s the sign of a great fragrance.

The next round of testing led to scratches, hisses, and a few evil eyes. Yeah… the husband is stuck in his ways and not very cooperative with trying new things. 😉 Once I got him sprayed down with the manliness of the Man cologne, he settled down. Turns out he actually might like it. From my understated husband, that is an endorsement. His only complaint was a powdery undertone to the cologne. He thought it detracted from the manliness of the fragrance. I thought he smelled quite delectable and I had some trouble keeping my paws off of him until Xander went to bed. I actually went back to the School of Wash site to see if I could find it in a room spray. Yep.

The cats were not exactly thrilled about the bathing part of testing out their Lulu’s Pet Care Kit, but the end result was two very soft, fluffy cats that smelled so amazing that you just wanted to bury your face in their bellies! (Remind me not to do that again with Pandora… she bites!) The Cotton Blossom we chose for the pet collection was my favorite scent of those we tried. I have added that scent to my wishlist of products to try on myself. The spritz has been great for touch-ups to keep them smelling fresh in between baths and it conditions their coats, too. I think I’ve been forgiven for the baths… that or they are taking advantage of the fact that I don’t mind so much when they pet themselves on my face…

Xander and the cats all squeaky clean and smelling wonderful after their baths!


The products from School of Wash would quite literally cover everyone on your holiday gift list. They offer fruity fragrances, sweet candy aromas, sensual flowery scents, and manly musks… for body, home, and pet. They also offer gift certificates and gift clubs. You can even spoil your wedding guests with their party favors!

I also want to mention their program to bring a little sunshine to victims of abuse. Typically, the first thing a person who has been assaulted wants to do is bathe. School of Wash is aiming to provide a kit to each victim to achieve this. The bag will include a shampoo, conditioner and body wash in a variety of amazing scents, along with a stuffed animal for the children’s bag and a loofah for the women’s bag, all meant to bring a smile to the face of someone in pain. You can learn more about the Sunshine Bags and how you can help here.

Pros: Huge variety of scents for a very large collection of products from personal care to pet care to home fragrancing. Long-lasting fragrance and effective cleansing and moisturizing.

Cons: The prices do run a bit high, but each product is handmade as you order so it is fresh and fragrant. The only way to test scents is to buy the small 1oz size available for most products… which can add up quickly.

Overall Rating


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