Details: Amber Regina is an American company making and selling genuine Baltic Amber jewelry, amber fossils and beads made out of not pressed, 100% natural amber in Lithuania and Poland. Their amber is mined in Russia (Kaliningrad’s region), in a town located on the Baltic Sea. It’s there that Baltic amber has been mined for hundreds of years.

Being handcrafted, most of their amber pieces are unique in design, shape and color. Amber Regina sells individual pieces of natural Baltic amber with fossil inclusions (ants, mosquitoes, spiders, flies, gnats, tree bark, etc). They also have a selection of rare Royal White Baltic amber necklaces, pendant, bracelets and earrings. Other popular collections are Cherry Baltic Amber as well chunky unpolished Baltic amber necklaces and bracelets.

Amber Regina sells by piece as well as wholesale and ships all over the world.

Personal Experience: I received the Leaf Shaped Earrings and the Ball Stud Earrings compliments of Amber Regina to facilitate this review. There are so many beautiful choices that I had a very difficult time settling on which items I wanted to order!

The items arrived well-protected in a mailer. Each pair of earrings was wrapped and placed inside a velvet pouch. I was surprised by the weight of the pieces, but my familiarity with amber has been limited to lower-quality pieces.

As I unwrapped the pieces, I was impressed with the beautiful, rich color of the amber. The settings for the pieces are solid and the amber was set carefully. This is jewelry made to last while beautifully showcasing the amber.


Holding the earrings up to the light is when they really shone. This is when you can see all the inclusions that make amber so special. This is why the leaf earrings are my favorite… when the dangle from your ears, the light shines through and they take on a golden appearance. The Leaf Shaped earrings drew a lot of attention and admirers. The studs are a great compliment, but can also stand on their own.


The posts for the earrings did feel a bit thick in the ears, but I didn’t notice it after they were in for a few minutes. As I mentioned earlier, the pieces have some heft… but surprisingly they didn’t weigh down my lobes. All around a good balance.

The Leaf Shaped earrings retail for $46.00. The Ball Stud earrings retail for $11.00 and come in two sizes. They have lovely options for every budget! You can even buy loose beads and nuggets to make your own jewelry.

While reading the brochure that arrived with my jewelry, I learned that amber is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties… helping to ease the pain of teething, for one thing. You can read much more on the topic here.

It’s always hard for me to hand out that elusive 5 stars, but I think this line of gorgeous Baltic amber deserves it!

Pros: Beautiful, solid, genuine amber pieces in prices for every budget. Quality that gets noticed. Teething necklaces could help your teething child in a very stylish way. 🙂

Cons: Earring posts may be a bit thick for sensitive ears, but my own sensitive ears adjusted quickly.

Overall Rating


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