I am on a quest to provide Xander with the best space to play and explore. With a primarily carpeted home, it can sometimes be a challenge for him to play with some of his toys. When outdoors, the grass can make him itchy. The Smart Mat from PlaSmart is a great solution for both situations. I have reviewed several products from PlaSmart’s extensive toy and game collection, so I was very happy to have the chance to share my thoughts with you on the Castletown Smart Mat too.


The mat arrived in a large tube. There was a strange… almost sweet… plastic smell for a few days, but it was not terrible. It took about a week for the mat to fully lay flat. After being in the tube, the edges kept wanting to roll back up. We put some of Xander’s heavier toys around the edges when he wasn’t playing with it.

The Smart Mat Castletown Play Mat has a fun Medieval-inspired print of roads and buildings. (You can also get a modern city version.) It was a perfect fit for this dragon-loving family.  I do wish the design was a little less repetitive, but it didn’t seem to bother Xander at all. He likes to set up his castle playsets around the town and gallop horses through the roads. The smooth finish allows vehicles to move easily. It’s also nice to not lose small toy pieces in the carpet.


It’s also washable! We’ve had a few indoor picnics on it and the crumbs and spills wiped off quickly and easily. I could see using this as a mat under a high chair or child’s seat at the dinner table when your child isn’t playing. Very versatile!

I was quite surprised to discover that the Smart Mat Castletown Play Mat was under five pounds in weight. For something 6.5 x 3.88 feet in size, I expected it to be much heavier. The lightweight size makes it very easy to take with you or move about the house, so you always have a spot to play. It can roll up for easy storage, but it’s cute enough to leave out all the time. Despite its light weight, it appears to be quite sturdy. I did notice a touch of bubbling of the design near the edge (about a 2 x 2″ spot), but it has not spread even after daily use.

Pros: Lightweight. Versatile. Fun design. Affordable.

Cons: Repetitive design. Bubbled top layer.

Overall Experience


plasmartlogoPlaSmart’s innovative and quality products have won numerous and prestigious toy awards. The company focuses on toys that develop motor and dexterity skills, balance, creative and imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and, of course, entertainment. PlaSmart is proud to work with toy inventors and designers who share its vision.

The Smart Mat Castletown Play Mat is a giant multipurpose play mat. Great for toy figures, vehicles and animals. Mat’s background includes castles, hedge mazes, ponds, villages and more. Made of quality, coated EVA foam. It is durable and easy to clean. Roll it up to store. Measures 78″ x 46″ – that’s huge! Fun for all ages. ($29.99)

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