As I am focusing on getting healthier to be a good example to my son, I realized that I also need to practice what I preach with him too… even when it comes to stuffing stockings for the holidays. In years past, the stockings had become a convenient place to stash copious amounts of candy. I needed an alternative. I needed stocking stuffers that were sugar-free, useful, and fun. Here’s just one great idea I stumbled across.

Meet DOOHICKIES. They are a system of rubbery straps that thread into your shoes and turn any lace-up shoe into a slip-on shoe. Pretty cool, right? I thought so too. DOOHICKIES sent along two complimentary sets for me to review and share my honest opinion with you. I received the Black/ White and the Camo sets.


The straps are very flexible and strong. It was a little rough to get that first strap into his shoe, because the openings have a typical hole but also a bungee around the hole. I was sincerely worried I was going to snap it, but with that first strap I learned just how much stretch the straps really had. Once you have the ends threaded in, you take the pointy tip and insert it into a tiny hole by the button-like piece. From there, you push the button through the loophole. This was really fiddly the first time, but much easier as I got a technique down. Either way, it’s not something you’ll need to do often unless you are changing out the DOOHICKIES frequently. Once they are snapped together, they can now just stretch to fit your foot!


Xander is still learning to tie his shoes and obviously we want him to learn, but these are really great for his school shoes or other times when it’s more convenient to slip on his shoes. His teacher has enough to worry about without needing to re-tie Xander’s (and 20 other kids’) shoes every day! Once he has a solid grasp of shoe tying, I know these will take a more permanent place in his shoes.

The DOOHICKIES can be arranged in different ways to get a custom fit. They not only have the DOOHICKIES in kids’ sizes, but you can also buy HICKIES for teens and adults. I can definitely see these being a longtime favorite for kids and adults. They do seem to have the strength to outlast a few pairs of shoes!

I was a little disappointed in the selection of colors geared toward boys. They have pinks, purples, and rainbow selections, but not a lot in colors that would typically compliment boy shoes. I would love to see them have the same selection of colors in the DOOHICKIES as they have with the HICKIES. They leave lots of room for mix-and-match personalizing if you get multiple sets… you know, to stuff those stockings! 

Pros: Easy to use. Strong. Turns regular shoes into slip-ons. Great stocking stuffer!

Cons: Limited colors for boys.

Overall Experience


DOOHICKIESlogoDOOHICKIES is a one size fits all no-tie shoelace replacement designed for kids aged 5 to 12. DOOHICKIES lacing system works by threading seamlessly through the eyelets of any shoe, then snapping securely in place for a hassle-free fit. ($9.99 per set of 10)

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