Wow! I feel like Monster Factory has grown and changed so much since I worked with them last year! They’ve added some new items including the cool lunchbag and pencil case I received them free in exchange for my honest review. I thought they would make a pretty great addition to this year’s gift guide!


The lunch bag is a bit bigger than a fully opened brown paper bag laid out on its side. This is so much better than that ol’ paper bag, though! For starters, the VW Lunchbag just looks really cool. It’s a design that would be fun for any age… from 5 to 105, you’ll be getting looks of envy from classmates, coworkers, and anyone who sees you with it. When I initially just shared photos of these with friends and family on Facebook, I got a whole bunch of “Where’d you get that‽” Trust me, this is one of those gift ideas that will appeal to a surprisingly wide range of people. It’s a very classic design. They even worked in a surfboard handle on the rooftop!

It’s very well designed and constructed. The top zips open completely and gives you full access to the entire inside. It’s made with a very strong canvas and lined with insulating material. It’s strong, but also lightweight… so you’re not adding unnecessary weight to your lunch. The inside wiped clean easily with a moist cloth. There’s strong piping all around the edges for a nice crisp look that also gives the bag some form. Overall, it’s ready for a lot of use.


When I first saw the pencil case, I didn’t think it looked large enough to actually hold a pencil. It turns out that the case is built like the Tardis. For those who are not Doctor Who fans, it means it appears to be larger on the inside. I was able to fit full-length pens, pencils, clickable erasers, tablet styluses, and more. It has become my case for stashing my current sock knitting project, so I can also report that it will hold double-point knitting needles along with a small skein of yarn and my work in progress. The pencil case has the same great design and construction as the lunch bag. The only differences are that this has a single center zipper and is not lined with insulating material.


Overall, these would make awesome gifts for just about anyone on your list that carries a lunch or needs a small bag for pencils or projects. They both come in a variety of colors, so you can get one for everyone!

Pros: Very cute. Appropriate for any age. Durable and functional.

Cons: They haven’t made a VW purse or backpack… yet… but they do have tents, sleeping bags, wash bags, and more.

Overall Rating


MonsterfactorylogoEstablished in 1998, The Monster Factory is an award winning design company specializing in extremely high quality home and outdoor products. They fully originate, design, manufacture and sell their unique and licensed products worldwide and are proud to bring you innovation combined with quality in every product they sell.

  • VW Lunchbag – Eat out in style with the coolest lunch bag in town. Complete with its very own surf board handle, the VW Camper Van lunch bag is ideal for Camper Van fans big and small. ($24.00.)
  • VW Pencil Case – Are you ready to ramp your stationery up a gear? Repack your highlighters, erasers and pencils in this awesome pencil case! the case is a mini replica of the 1965 VW Camper Van- the ultimate recreational vehicle. Just one glance is bound to remind you of happy days, even if you’re stuck in a math class or sitting out a tedious board meeting. It’s a must have retro desk accessory. ($11.99.)

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