We were given a Sands Alive! GLOW set to try in our home in hopes that we would share our thoughts with you. It was our first experience with a Sands Alive! product and we enjoyed it so much that I had to include it on this year’s Kids’ Holiday Gift Guide!


It is the most amazing texture. It’s like sand… which shouldn’t be a surprise because it contains real sand… but soft like silk. It has a food-grade binding agent that makes it hold together in a way that sand doesn’t naturally. It’s really interesting.

It’s great to see that they remembered that their target audience is kids. Xander is (mostly) past the stage where he eats things that are not food, but it’s nice to know that Sands Alive! sand is completely safe if ingested. They can even boast that they are the only product of this type on the market that has a lab report proving it doesn’t grow bacteria. It also cleans up very easily! It doesn’t stick to fabrics or carpet and wipes up quickly. If only real sand cleaned up so easily!


This kit is extra fun because it glows! They include a UV pen light and glasses, so you can “write” with light in the sand or make the sand glow in the dark. We didn’t use the pen much, because there really isn’t much surface area and the light beam is too wide to really write much. The glasses were used all the time. It’s fun to play Sands Alive! as it is, but way more fun when it glows!

The sand does have an odd odor. It was particularly strong the first use, but has faded a bit over time. It’s still quite obvious. It’s not unpleasant per se… just odd… and so hard to explain!  I also think the price point is a bit high for what you get. As is, I would expect it to sell for under $20. If they were to toss in a sand mold or two, it would justify the price tag.

Pros: Fun to do. Can play with sand all year. Doesn’t dry out. Easy to clean up. Doesn’t stick to clothing, carpet, etc. Glows! Non-toxic. Bacteria-free.

Cons: Odd odor. Priced high.

Overall Rating


Introducing the world’s first Glow in the Dark Sand from Sands Alive! Turn out the lights and be prepared to be totally amazed! Glow Starter Set includes 1 pound of GLOW Sand, UV LED Glasses, UV Pen Light and Play Tray. The Sands Alive! UV LED Eyeglasses offer the user a “hands free” way to continually charge up the sand and make it glow endlessly. With the UV Pen Light, you can write glowing messages, or draw any design in the Sand that will light up and glow! Can be used over and over again. ($23.99 on Amazon)



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