I still remember some of the great letters we wrote to and received from Santa. One of my sister’s letters even made it into the local newspaper! With that in mind, I was happy to work with Santa Will Write on a review of their Ultra Deluxe Package.

Our package was actually hand-delivered right to our door by the mail carrier… we haven’t had a letter delivered like that in a long time! Inside was a big, shiny, red envelope. I love that it was addressed directly to Xander and from Santa and postmarked from the North Pole on the outer mailer and on the inside envelope. This meant none of that risk of the kids seeing the letter arrive for mommy and daddy or with difficult to explain address info. Great move, Santa Will Write!


The inner red envelope had an easy to open tab. They really thought of everything, including the difficulties young children might have opening a typical envelope. Inside was a letter from Santa, a letter from Rudolph, a Nice List certificate that is frame-ready, retired Reindeer Bells, a piece of Santa’s suit from last year, Reindeer Food, a holiday activity pad and crayons, a reindeer toy, an inflatable snowflake beach ball, a sticker sheet with workshop background, glitter holiday tattoos, a double-sided erasable game board, and “Magic Santa Dust.” Whew! I feel like adding “and a partridge in a pear tree!” after that long list of goodies!

The letters were both well-written and fun. The personalization that we do was nicely integrated into both letters and it made for a fun read. I love the inclusion of a letter from Rudolph in this package. He even signed it with a hoof! Xander really loved playing with all the ball, reindeer, activity book, and sticker set. We are saving the tattoos for using during Christmas parties, so I can’t say how durable they are… but the designs are cute and they seem like typical temporary tattoos. The Reindeer Bells and piece of Santa’s suit are why I like this particular package so much. It really adds an extra element of wow to an already great package.


I loved the whole package… even that darn glitter … enough that I will order this package again next year. It includes fun extras like reindeer food, a piece of Santa’s suit from last year, and retired bells from the reindeer. It’s a package full of little details that really will bring some Santa magic home.

Pros: Fun and well-designed package full of delights! Great package options at great prices. Reindeer bells, Santa’s suit, and Rudolph letter are great extras I haven’t seen elsewhere. Arrived very quickly. They thought out the details.

Cons: I’m a Scrooge about glitter and the cleanup, but it was fun for Xander.

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Overall Rating


logoswwSurprise your child with a personalized letter from Santa from Santa Will Write! Sure to bring a smile and delight your lucky child, grandchild, niece, and nephew! Three packages available to suit every budget! They also offer postcards, phone calls, and a book. Order now and they begin shipping after Thanksgiving. (Magic Package is $9.95, Deluxe Package is $19.95, Ultra Deluxe Package is $34.95)

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