Details: Make sure you have high quality, great tasting food around when hunger comes. Healthy Surprise subscriptions are designed to take the hassle and thought out of eating well. If you’re concerned about the ingredients going into your body, or you’re trying to avoid certain allergens, a Healthy Surprise subscription is for you. They believe what you put in your body is the most important thing about your diet.

When you sign up you’ll be joining thousands who’ve prioritized their health … and look forward to getting their goodies in the mail each month!


Personal Experience: I contacted Healthy Surprise about their subscription boxes because I was excited about the product assortment their boxes order. Everything in the box is vegan, gluten free, soy free, wheat free, corn free, and natural with no strange ingredients. Unlike some of the subscription-style boxes, they also promise all full-size products… none of those little teasers.They provided me with a complimentary Starter Box to facilitate this review.

I thought it would work best to go through the items in the box one by one…

Pineapple Crunchies: These freeze-dried pineapples were a hit with all three of us. Our only complaint was that the bag wasn’t big enough!

Trophy Farms Cashews: My husband Ross polished these off before I had a chance to even try them. Apparently these roasted cashews with sea salt are tasty!

Snapz Apple Chips: Another popular snack among the lot of us. Lots of flavor packed into little slices of dried apple.

Enjoy Life Plentils: The initial few bites were good, but as you eat them the tongue develops a film and there is an after-taste. These may have been better with a dip of some sort. Xander liked them better than Ross or I did.

Sprouters: These are sunflower seeds given a cheesy flavor with nutritional yeast. They were okay, but I think I would have preferred them without the cheesy flavor when snacking. We used them as a garnish on salads to add a little nutritious crunch.

Home Free Vanilla Cookies: I got a nibble of one before Xander took off with the bag. The taste of classic vanilla wafers made with much healthier ingredients including real fruit juice.


Health Warrior Chia Bar: A combination of coconut and chia seeds to provide a punch of nutrition in a little package. Unfortunately, I just didn’t like it. I thought maybe it was because I’m not a fan of coconut, but even my husband couldn’t get beyond the first bite.

Barre: This chocolate-berry protein bar was developed by dancers to help with athletic performance. The initial taste was okay, but I liked it less and less as I ate the bar. My husband had a similar experience and said it felt oily on his tongue.

Veggie-Go’s Beets: I am not at all a fan of beets, so I left this one up to Ross who does like beats. He said that the apple was not very obvious… it tasted mostly like beet. Xander has never had beets before, so Ross shared… they both enjoyed it.

Twenty-4 Zen Granola: My favorite snack in the bunch. The combination of caramel, chocolate, and granola is a guaranteed hit. I can’t tell you how everyone else liked it, because this one is all MINE! 😉

Plum Kids Mashups: Beets and berries combine in this smoothie drink for kids. Ironically, it was my husband and not our toddler that drank this one up. Ross said it tasted like drinking applesauce.

Sour Cream & Onion Kale: Some people love kale… the three of us here are not among them. The texture and flavor had me spitting it out. Ross wasn’t brave enough to even try, but he has eaten kale before and knew that he didn’t like it. Xander tried to feed his to the cat.

My opinions are obviously pretty mixed on the contents, but the contents of these boxes change every month. Everyone’s tastes are different and you may enjoy things we didn’t. I do like the concept of the Healthy Surprise subscription. It is a great opportunity to try products that you may not otherwise have known about or purchased.

To me, the gift and subscription prices are quite high… but I don’t shop for healthy convenience foods like this often because of a lack of availability. The single-box gift subscriptions range from $49.99 to $110. The monthly subscriptions rage from $33 to $99 per month. The Starter Box that I received is designed for one to two people and costs $49.99.


Pros: Natural, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free selections delivered right to your door every month. Lots of variety and full-size products. An opportunity to explore new foods and products.

Cons: You may find that some of the items in the box are not to your liking, which can feel like a waste. The price is a bit hefty.

Overall Rating


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