Details: A fun and easy way to snack smart and do good. Love With Food helps you discover new all-natural or organic snacks you will love. Each month, Love With Food members receive a curated box of unique, hard-to-find, snacks delivered to their doors. Subscription memberships start as low as $10/month, and make a great gift too.

For every box you get, you are also donating a meal to food banks such as the Feeding America Network or Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry. Join us to help end child hunger one meal at a time!

Review the snacks you try each month and earn points. Buy more of what your love from our shop or redeem them with your points.

Personal Experience: I received a free month of the Love With Food snack box in order to do this review. It arrived in a smaller box than I expected, but that little box was packed quite full of goodies…

As you can see, the Love With Food snack box contained a wide assortment of treats and snacks. They also include a card that has quick info on the contents. Let me share a few of the highlights:

lovewithfoodOrganic 70% Dark Chocolate from Green & Black – This was the first item I opened. I get stereotypically female when it comes to chocolate. This chocolate came packaged within a little fabric pouch, so it was like opening a gift. It was a very smooth dark chocolate and it tasted wonderful. I didn’t share. 😉

Tuxedo Gourmet Popcorn from KuKuRuZa – This was the second item that we dove into. There was no nutritional information on the package, so it was a bit of a mystery what the “Tuxedo” referred to at first, but we knew it was popcorn of some sort. When we opened it up, we discovered that it was caramel corn drizzled with white and dark chocolate. We were a bit skeptical of how this combination would taste, but Lord Tyrneathem, the Prince, and I each took a few pieces. Moments later, the Prince tried to walk off with the package and I hunted him down quickly. There was no way he was getting this incredible popcorn all to himself! He and I polished off the bag in just a few minutes. Lord Tyrneathem tried to get another handful, but I’m pretty sure the Prnce growled at him. Needless to say, we really enjoyed this and I will be buying some to share for the holidays.

Maple Fudge from Laura Secord – This soft, smooth fudge tasted like eating a warm piece of caramel touched with maple. It was lovely! The piece seemed small, but it was very sweet and sized just right for sharing. This is another item I would buy again.

Sweet Potato Chips from PopChips – I was hesitant to try these, because I’m not a huge fan of sweet potatoes… but I was quickly proven wrong! The combination of sweet, salty, and crunch was quite good. I liked them so much that I already purchased some when I was last at the grocery store.

Apricot, Almond, and Yogurt Bar from Eat Natural – I had Lord Tyrneathem test this one for you. Apricots and I are not friends, but he loves them. His opinion was that it was better than most cereal-type bars. The apricot and almond flavors were muted by the yogurt. He said it was not something he would probably seek out, but he wouldn’t turn them down if he was given some or they were on sale.

The box also included several other snacks, a pouch of tea, and a seasoning pouch to make Chicken Tikka Masala. Overall, at just $10 a month, I think this box is a great deal. We enjoyed every single snack in the box. The Mighty Leaf tea was a pleasant retreat at the end of the day. We haven’t yet used  the Chicken Tikka Masala seasoning, but based on our experience with the rest of the box I am quite optimistic.

Love With Food makes it quite easy to find the things you enjoyed. You can purchase items that have appeared in their boxes by visiting the shop on their site. You can review the items in the box to earn points that can be used to purchase items in the shop, too!

A Love With Food subscription would make a unique gift. Buying a subscription is like giving two gifts… your lucky recipient enjoys a special treat each month plus for every box or item you buy, Love With Food donates a meal to feed a hungry child.

newsletter_RachaelRay.png_500x364You can purchase subscriptions in 1 month, 3 month, or 1 year increments. The price ranges from $10 to $12 per month depending on your subscription length. You can double up on the goodies… and the donated meals… with the deluxe subscription. It’s also available in 1 month, 3 month, or 1 year increments and ranges in cost from $17 to $19.95 a month. Right now, you get a 2-year subscription to Every Day with Rachel Ray with every 6- and 12- month subscription purchased (including both personal and gift subscriptions).

Get $5 off your purchase when you use the code FESTIVE2013!

Pros: A great opportunity to try a variety of products that you may have not seen before. All natural and organic foods. Every purchase means a meal for a hungry child. Very reasonably priced… and you currently get a bonus magazine subscription with some subscriptions.

Cons: Would have liked larger portions of pretty much every item… guess that’s why they made the deluxe box!

Overall Rating


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