Details: Founded in 2009 by Jason Lucash and Mike Syzmcak, OrigAudio continues to deliver award-winning, premium quality audio products. Jason and Mike both traveled constantly in their early careers and wanted an easy way to listen to their music on the road. It was in their travels that the idea for OrigAudio came about as they recognized a need for an eco-friendly, portable solution for listening to music while on the go. Inspired by a Chinese take-out box – foldable, easily compactable, and recyclable – the ‘origami of audio’ was born.

Personal Experience: I was sent a pair of OrigAudio’s Designears for the purpose of this review. I was surprised by the size of the package they came in. I hadn’t expected them to be in their own sturdy zippered case. I was curious to see what design I had received, so I unzipped the case to find these…

Strawberries! How cute!

Strawberries! How cute!

Both the earpieces and the headband can be customized. I was sent a completed sample and didn’t have the chance to go through the full design process in order to see the results, but I did play with the designer a bit. It seems very easy to use, but perhaps a bit too basic for full customizing. No re-sizing or cropping tools, for one. They do have patterns you can use and text can be added.


Great fit and fun to wear!

The overall construction of the Designears is very solid. I let my three-year-old use them and didn’t feel the need to panic every time he touched them. I say again… he’s three. Three = tornado with legs. I’m pretty sure OrigAudio doesn’t recommend that you hand them over to a toddler, but I think this says something for the durability.

The headband is adjustable and the earpieces pivot and fold flat… allowing for a nice comfortable and snug fit on your head. They are far more lightweight than they look. They didn’t feel any heavier than my standard headphones.

The Designears plug into any standard 3.5mm jack. This should have you covered on anything from smartphones to laptops to mp3 players. Does anyone even own a Walkman anymore? You’re covered too. The single cord is a nice touch, too. I’m embarrassed to admit how often I manage to get my hair caught up in my cords. I don’t have that problem here.

Now on to the most important reason to buy headphones… sound. You want to know how the sound is, right? Great! I tried them while listening to music, books on tape, and my Spanish language course and the sound was crisp and clear in all cases.  It was really amazing to realize that I was mispronouncing some Spanish words, because I wasn’t hearing then correctly with my old headphones. Probably has something to do with that full stereo sound that they boast about. 🙂 (For my more tech-savvy readers, you may like to know that the frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz. For those of us that are less tech-savvy, this means it covers the entire range of sound waves that humans can hear.)

Overall, a really great deal at $69.99… you’re getting fully custom headphones with great, full stereo sound! I’m handing out one of my rare 5-star ratings here.

Just a quick heads-up on an amazing deal they have going on right now, too…

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OrigAudio has something that would make a great gift for pretty much anyone on your list. They have multiple audio products and cases for smartphones in prices to cover every budget. My personal favorite is the Designears, because they can be made to suit the recipient… or you can get a gift card so they can design their very own pair!

Pros: Great sound quality. Ability to customize the design. Amazing price for the headphones of this quality… a steal for ones that you can customize! Full range of audio products and cases for your phone too.

Cons: I do wish the designer had a bit more capabilities, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

Overall Rating


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