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Company Bio: In short Oubly is a successful & mature printing company that has a thoughtful bunch of individuals with passion for print, art, design, technology, fine papers, and collaborative culture. Their newly launched website, Oubly.com, offers a wide selection of beautifully designed and crafted print items for business, or occasions that call for connection and celebration between you, your friends, and family.

oublyorderProduct Details: The Peaceful Dove is an elegant and whimsical holiday card featuring a striking white dove and a wish for peace, joy, and love.

MSRP: $0.76 to $1.70 each depending on quantity ordered. Style options available at additional cost.

Personal Experience: It’s that time of year when I start to think about what holiday cards we will send out for the year. If I don’t get a good head start, they never get done! I always like to add a personal touch, but in an elegant and understated way. My husband and I both prefer  nontraditional cards with a wish for Happy Holidays or Peace or the like. I had been admiring several of Oubly’s Christmas Cards and I was more than happy for the opportunity to try their service in exchange for this review.

I will admit that my experience with Oubly didn’t start off on a great foot. I had several issues with the ordering process. My first issue was not being able to edit the text using Chrome browser. After several failed attempts, I moved to Firefox. From there, I could edit but the customizations kept getting deleted when I moved to the next step. I was finally able to get the card completed and ready to order using Internet Explorer, but I had to save my order and move back to Chrome to complete the purchase. I discussed my concerns with Oubly and the whole thing turned out to be a module error with that particular card.

I can only imagine how that felt on Oubly’s part! They have me doing a review and of course the card I chose is messed up! I was able to edit and customize all of the other designs I attempted, so I guess I just have a knack for seeking out a problem! ;) Oubly was really great about getting the problem resolved and my cards were soon on their way.

My personal troubles aside, the ordering process is actually quite a simple one. Your first steps are to choose your design and then set a few options. The Peaceful Dove design that we chose has three color options. You can also get the design printed on one of three different types of cardstock ranging from basic to premium. The cards can be edged with a long list of custom colors. You can choose to have squared or rounded edges. Finally, is the choice of back design. You can choose plain, colorized, or photo. I chose the black design because it was most striking to me. I added the rounded cut with silver edging and the black card back.

The message and the signature can both be customized. You can write your own personalized message here. The font, colors, and size can also be adjusted. I had to play around with the wording to get our signature in, so I felt like a bit more room would have been great here.oublymailingThe final step is to zoom in and make sure your design is just right. The image is large and very clear so it was easy to verify that everything was as it should be. If you’re in doubt, they offer an option to get a digital proof. In every case, their designers look at the designs and make sure things are correct, but the digital proof gives you a chance to catch spelling errors and little oopsies you might have missed.

My order took about ten days to arrive. It came in a large mailer envelope via USPS. The cards and envelopes were wrapped in shrinkwrapped plastic inside the mailer. There was also a really fun little thank you package including a thank you note, stickers, and a bookmark all encouraging you to “Spread Some Happiness.” It’s such a great slogan. I shared the stickers with my nieces and bookmark is marking my place in my notebook.

Now, the process may have started out a bit complicated, but it ended up worth it in the end and they came out almost as expected. The cards are a nice heavyweight cardstock that feels like you are holding something of quality. The edges are touched with the silver I requested, adding a little extra touch of elegance. The edging was slightly sloppy… coming up the sides of the card… in a few places, but just a little sliver of color that most people will not notice. (I’m getting hyper-critical as a reviewer, I think.) The printing is clear and bright. It stood out beautifully against the black background. Here is the source of my “almost as expected.” If you look at my screenshots from the ordering process above, the black cards appear to have an almost marbled effect to the background. The actual background is more of a flat black. It’s a minor issue, though… the complete look of the card is simply elegant. It will be a card I am proud to know my family and friends are opening this holiday season.


Pros: Great selection of cards for every occasion and personal tastes. Easy ordering process and great customer service. Numerous options to customize. Good shipping speed for a personalized product. Great results!

Cons: A few hiccups with the ordering process, but the fixed the situation quickly.

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Overall Experience


Oubly Personalized Stationery

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