A #HolidayGiftGuide #review! Discover how tasteless your friend are with Rotten Apples #party game!

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Product Details: Rotten Apples is the hilarious (and often tasteless) adult party game where a wicked sense of humor is greatly rewarded. Players are dealt a series of cards and need to pick the most appropriate answer to woo or shock their friends. They combine green answer cards and brown prompt cards to complete phrases that are funny… irreverent.. provocative!

MSRP: $22.99

Personal Experience: When the kids go to bed and the parents are waiting for Santa to show up, it’s time for a little irreverent fun among the adults! Let your friends see just how naughty you’ve been this year! ;) Let me introduce you to a fun adult party game that I recently had the opportunity to review…

The game consists of green answer cards and brown phrase cards. Each player is dealt 10 answer cards. The “Apple Picker” reads the brown phrase card and the other players much choose from their answer cards to complete the phrase. Here is where you discover just how “rotten” your friends are… will they keep the answers tame or will you find them full of double entendre and innuendo? Honestly, the game is a whole lot more fun if your friends and family are twisted. ;)


The Apple Picker now gets to look at all of the answer… all turned in and shuffled so they remain anonymous… and pick his or her favorite answer. The person whose answer is chosen wins that round, gets to keep the phrase card, and becomes the next Apple Picker. We adjusted the rules a bit here to make it longer for smaller groups, but according to the game rules you play until someone wins three cards.

The gameplay is really simple and it’s very easy to get a new player up to speed on rules so they can hop in on the fun. This is definitely a game where more players is better. The instructions suggest that you can play with as few as two players, but we just didn’t find that few to be fun. A larger group meant larger laughs and a longer game. It also meant a better opportunity to see that your own mind is not the only one spending some time in the gutter!


I only have two minor complaints. My first is that I don’t think the game comes with enough prompts. They will last for awhile, but once we start to repeat he could get a bit more predictable. I hope to see expansion set. I was also disappointed with the packaging. The instructions picture a nicely divided tray that keeps the cards neatly in place. The reality was a cardboard tray with no dividers and a huge mess of mixed up cards whenever we opened the box.

Pros: Can be played tame or “tasteless.” Fun conversation-building game. Easy to play.

Cons: Packaging not as pictured. Not enough brown cards.

Overall Rating


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