PetBoxLogoCompany Bio: Headquartered in sunny San Diego with some of the best dog beaches in the US, PetBox was founded in 2013 by Sean Conlon, Will Ford, and a little team of pet fanatics. PetBox surprises you with a selection of products for your cat or dog each month. PetBox grew to over 60,000 shipments supported by over 250 pet brands in their first year!

MSRP: $9.95 to $59.95 a month depending on size of package. Prize reduces dramatically per month with 3-month and annual plans.

Personal Experience: It’s probably no secret that our cats hold a pretty special place in our family. You only need to glance at our Instagram feed to get an idea that they are quite spoiled and well-loved. Naturally, I wanted to include pets in this year’s gift guide. We can’t forget them! With that in mind, I reached out to PetBox and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to try their Premium box.

I was pretty impressed with the variety of products in the box. I know that it can be difficult to find variety in the cat toy and treat world, so it was great to see products that I had not come across before. The cats must have been able to smell all the catnip-infused goods, because they were at my feet before I even opened the box!


I couldn’t deny them a chance to play when they were obviously so interested, so I broke out the two catnip toys right away. Selune immediately claimed the popcorn catnip pillow and Pandora took to the crinkly toy. The popcorn pillow has become a thing of disgust in our family. Selune adores it… but it gets soggy and dirty so easily! I like the crinkly toy. It is an all natural toy, eco-friendly, and made very sturdily. No soggy messes here, but the felted material does attract cat hair.

Both cats enjoyed the food and treat samples. Though I found the hairball treatment unpleasantly fishy smelling, the cats certainly went crazy for it! With the amount I received, I can’t say that it did or did not help with hairball treatment. I would need to explore it for a few months to really notice a difference, I think. It was definitely a treat to them, either way, and would be worth looking for in stores.

They didn’t take much interest in the crinkle paper catnip. It’s sort of a “scratch and sniff” type product that is meant to refresh with every crinkle or scratch. I just don’t think it worked. Even the crinkly paper aspect of it just didn’t appeal. They felt the same about the eggcersizer as well. Even set at the lowest flow setting (you can have one to three open holes), it dropped the treats too quickly and there wasn’t much challenge. We tried larger treats with similar results. My mom is now using this for her Chi-Pom dog and he enjoys it.

Overall, I think PetBox is a great value for those looking to spoil their pets and discover great new products. There is a great variety of full-size toys and treats along with samples of other items. Subscription boxes can always seem (and often are) a big expense, but I think this is one of those rare boxes where the expense is worth it.

Pros: Surprising variety. Lots of full-size product. Fun samples. Our cats actually still use and enjoy the toys. Good value for the money.

Cons: As with any subscription box, there are going to be products that you don’t like.

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