glass_bottles_logoCompany Bio: For over a decade, bottled water companies have spent millions of dollars to try and persuade us that their product is better than tap water. They served up ads with pristine mountainscapes, snow-fed rivers, and we drank it up. All the while the implication was that tap water was inferior. Heck, sometimes they just came out and said as much.

What has been tap’s response? Unfortunately it has never a marketing budget to help it stand up for itself. Until recently most of tap’s defenders have put forth somewhat crude campaigns made by local utility companies and non-profits. While their intentions are good, their work pales in comparison to the sophisticated marketing tactics of private bottlers.

We want to bring back tap water’s dignity. It just needs a little makeover to help change people’s minds and Faucet Face is here to lead the charge.

~ From Faucet Face’s “About” page

Personal Experience: I reviewed Faucet Face’s awesome glass water bottles for last year’s gift guide, so I was pretty excited for the chance to see what they’re up to this year and to see if they are keeping the quality as high as it was when I first experienced their classic bottles. Turns out they have been using the past year to develop the means to create your own custom bottles and the introduced the first of many limited edition designs. It’s a new three program approach that I think will really help Faucet Face take off!


I was provided a sample of one of the bottles from each of three programs. The Cole Hardware bottle is a custom design, the Tap is Terrific design is one of their “classic” styles, and the Glass Don’t Waste the Taste design is the current limited edition bottle.

The bottle design is still the great solid and thick construction that I love from the bottles I received last year. Unlike some companies, they definitely have not slacked on quality. The bottles I already had have not even chipped after over a year of daily use both inside and outside our home. Even Xander, who recently turned four, has been using them and I don’t panic about him easily breaking them. I certainly wouldn’t recommend tossing them on the ground… they are still glass… but they have survived several spills and falling off a table and desk on to carpet.


The new custom and limited edition campaigns appear to use a different method for printing. If you look closely at the Tap is Terrific classic bottle and compare it to the other two, you will see that the application on these looks a bit more like a sticker. You can see what appears to be transparent sticker around the design. It detracts a bit from the overall design, in my opinion. Even with the bit if transparency showing on the custom and limited designs, they are still a better quality print I usually see on glass. It is very important to note that it is not a sticker. I can’t peel up the edges or in any way remove the image… it just takes on that appearance with whatever printing/ etching method they are using for these limited styles.

Overall, Faucet Face still makes my favorite glass water bottles. The quality is great and the milk bottle styling is cute. They’re the right size for kids to adults and easy to take anywhere with you… though I’d love a way to secure the caps a bit better for travel. Definitely a great gift idea. Who wouldn’t love a way to save money on bottled water and reduce waste?! The custom bottles would be great to promote your business or as really awesome gifts for your wedding guests. If anyone wants a Christmas gift idea for me, I have one…


Pros: Quality, heavy-duty, thick-walled glass bottles that are sized just right. Your beverages stay fresh and tasty in glass. Saves money and waste. Dishwasher safe.

Cons: Custom and limited edition designs look a bit cheaply done where the transparent parts show.

Overall Rating


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