Company Bio: Gamesformotion develops promotional games that not only look good, but are also played time and time again. The company is known for their tailor-made games with multi purpose directions that focus on advertising all the way to education.

Product Details: Gamesformotion has hit the ball out of the park for the upcoming holiday season and has just announced the US release of your favorite childhood board games recreated to include Belgium chocolate pieces. Can you say FUN and DELICIOUS for the entire family? The unique chocolate editions will feature games like Monopoly, Battleship, Trivial Pursuit™, Scrabble®, Candy Land, Clue, Twister, Battleship, Mr. Potato Head, and much more! Children and adults alike will love the idea of devouring their game pieces after winning game night!

MSRP: Starting at $9.99


Personal Experience: I was both curious and skeptical when given the opportunity to review Gamesformotion’s chocolate games. One side of me loved the idea of playing classic games like Candy Land with real candy… but the other side of me had concerns about kids being encouraged to eat their game pieces. Concerns went out the door when a chocolate Candy Land, Monopoly, Guess Who, and Scrabble showed up at our door. Xander and I dove into Candy Land almost immediately.

The games are designed in a way that is more reminiscent than exact to the actual board game. They contain less playing pieces than their classic counterparts and each come with modified game rules to suit the candy pieces. The lesser amount of game pieces has meant much quicker gameplay, too. The game boards are just folded heavy-weight paper. That was a little bit of a disappointment, but the game aspect is obviously meant to only last through a round or two of gaming… which is fine, because you get to to the chocolate that much faster! 😉


The chocolate is delicious and creamy Belgian milk chocolate. The individual pieces are wafer thin, but just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth with just a few pieces. Each of the games we received contained about 5 ounces of chocolate and is listed as 4 servings.

I do still hold a concern over kids playing these games. I think they are best for adults or children old enough to understand that games are not all food. To appease my concerns over Xander thinking he could eat his board game pieces, I just made sure to open the candy out of his sight and give it to him without any sign of the game.

These would make a fun gift for the competitive, chocolate-loving friends and family in your life. Thy’re sort of a modern-day version of the classic Valentine heart or book of Christmas chocolates… only so much better and more clever. At a price point of around $10, they are cheap enough to be a great office exchange gift or a stocking stuffer.

Pros: Classic games we all know and love in delicious Belgian chocolate. Reasonably-priced unique gift idea.

Cons: The fun pretty ends when the candy is gone.

Overall Rating


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