EzyRollerLogoCompany Bio: Sweeping across playgrounds & sidewalks of the world is a riding machine that fearlessly lets you curve your way. It’s called the EzyRoller. Smooth riding artistry that’s so much carefree fun, it leaves pretenders in its wake & has any kid from 4 to 40 hooked.

Product Details: The Classic is the machine that started a movement: the original authentic EzyRoller. It’s the genuine article, extendable to allow kids from 4 to 14 and even small adults to curve their way.

MSRP: $99

Personal Experience: From the moment I first saw an EzyRoller in action, I knew I had to try it for myself… so I was really excited when I had the chance to work with EzyRoller on a review. I loved the product so much that it is one of my top recommendations for this year’s gift guide!

We received the Classic EzyRoller for the purpose of this review. It comes in just a few pieces and the hex tool needed to assemble. It comes with some extension pieces that allow you to make it longer for taller children and small adults. We used the smallest sizing because the rider is our son Xander. We had one heck of a time getting the bolt screwed in to secure the two pieces together. I had to enlist the help of my husband and with me holding the two parts just right, he was able to get the bolt in. There was a slight misalignment that made it difficult to get the screw in, but once it was in it held strongly and securely.


It was raining the day our EzyRoller arrived, so I let Xander loose on the kitchen floor. In literally seconds, he had the easy foot and leg motions down and was ready for broader spaces. I cleared away furniture in our family room and let him loose. At that time, he took a lot of joy in running into things as fast as he could. Not exactly the safest way to play, but it showed me that the EzyRoller was much more stable than its lightweight frame would suggest.

Taking it outside gives much more freedom of movement and Xander took full advantage of it! He did straight and fast stretches along a path. He practiced wide circles and turns on an open court area. He even found it could move through shallow puddles and did okay on light snow. I don’t recommend using this a lot in wet weather… it’s clearly best for dry weather and relatively flat surfaces. Without using one myself, I can’t determine if a stronger child or adult would be able to better move on inclines and wet surfaces.

When outdoors, he did tip it a few times when he made very sharp turns or hit areas that were a bit bumpy. The EzyRoller sits very close to the ground, so I’m not concerned about a fall injury. I do think some protective biking gloves or something would be helpful to prevent scraping the hands on pavement during these little tumbles.

Overall, it’s a really fun toy that kids and adults would love to use. A neighbor stopped us to ask what it was and other park goers came over to learn more, so be prepared to share! I could see these used for group games and races among several kids and adults. I think it would be a great workout, too! Definitely a toy your kids would love to get from Santa. 😉

Note: They do recommend a helmet and other protective gear. Though he was pictured without it here, Xander will have proper gear before he rides outdoors again. Riders are low to the ground and mostly stable, but safety should always come first.

Pros: Really easy to learn… almost intuitive. Can go hands-free. Use on its own or create imaginative games. Lightweight and pretty easy to transport.

Cons: Some difficulty with assembly.

(I’ll update with my own personal riding experience when our Pro model arrives.)

Overall Rating


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