Company Bio: is the e-commerce website for Jorgenson Lockers, a division of Jorgenson Companies. They are a family owned and operated business that has been in business since 1967. They are the authority in the manufacturing and distribution of quality lockers to the USA, Canada and beyond.

Product Details:  The kids locker is a tough fun locker for kids designed with organization in mind and is a perfect addition to any kids’ rooms, garages, sports themed bedrooms, game rooms, mud rooms and school classrooms. Manufactured in a perfect size for kids: 15″ wide x 15″ deep to discourage tipping and 54″ high overall. Made to the same durable specifications as the big kids school quality lockers with heavy 16-gauge lockable doors and door frames with solid steel construction throughout. Each includes interior hooks for clothing or coat hanging and an upper shelf for convenient storage and access of kids sports memorabilia, kids trophies, games, books, hats and any other personal valuables.

MSRP: $104.95

Personal Experience: I think it’s a kid thing that we never outgrow… this need for a locker to stash our things at home. It was one of those things I wanted as a kid and into my teens. Even as an adult, I think it would make a great option for our entryway. Each of us could have our own locker to stash jackets, hats, and snow boots. No more scrambling to find that lost mitten or stray shoe! So I jumped on the chance to try a kid’s locker from

Like their other kids’ lockers, the large kid’s locker comes in a variety of colors. We decided on the basic clear steel color for the most genuine locker feel and because we thought it would work best in Xander’s sports-themed bedroom. We are building on the design and getting the furniture in a few months, so we didn’t want to commit to a specific color, either.


The locker comes unassembled. I’ll say right here that assembly was where my issues with this locker began and ended. The instructions are a single one-sided sheet of line drawings with very minimal instructions. You get the unlabeled locker pieces, a big bag of nuts and bolts, and that sheet of instruction. The instructions were frustratingly simplified. I ran into several issues trying to determine if I had a piece on the correct side or laying the correct direction. The placement of the bolts limited us on the tools that we could use and we had to determine the nut size ourselves, because it wasn’t in the instructions. At one point I thought I had put the legs on incorrectly… looked at the directions again and spent an hour trying to remove a bolt that wouldn’t budge… and then realized with my husband’s second opinion that I was right all along. He saw a small detail in the drawing that I overlooked. Another issue was discovering that four of the bolts in the bag were actually slightly larger. We deduced that these were intended for the legs, but there had been no indication in the instructions. Well, at least there was a sense of relief and accomplishment when we finalized the construction three hours later…

From the moment we stood it up, we felt that it was all worth the struggle. It truly looks like a genuine school locker with the locker number, vent openings, and handle all there… just scaled down slightly for kids. The entire locker is hefty and solid. They’ve even thought of details like openings in the legs to bolt the locker to the floor for extra security. There are four single hooks and one double hook that you can arrange inside the locker, so plenty of room to hang lots of stuff. There’s also a shelf at the top for stashing even more items. It’s even possible to open the locker door from inside, if necessary, which I thought was a great safety feature.


Xander took to it immediately. Even at the age of four, he quickly figured out the simple lift mechanism to open the door and he was soon stuffing his new locker with everything from his favorite hats to treasured toys. It holds even more than I would have expected. He even tried stuffing our cat in there… I think she would have been okay with this plan if he didn’t try to lock her in there with his dirty socks. 😉 I would love to add an extra locker or two to Xander’s to give him extra storage and a bit more of that locker room/ sports feel in his bedroom.

Overall, I’m very happy with the locker. Even with the frustrations of assembly, I think it is well worth it and would make an awesome gift for some very lucky kids this Christmas! The price is one of the best… if not the best… I have seen for lockers and the quality is amazing. also specializes in a wide variety of lockers, such as these cell phone lockers that work perfectly in mudrooms and businesses such as dance studios and karate studios, garage storage and even for storing pet food and toys. If the instructions were improved on, I would easily give this five stars but it will be four for now. :)

Pros: Strong and sturdy metal with genuine school locker details. Lots of hooks and a shelf for storage.

Cons: The instructions leave much to be desired.

Overall Rating


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