LibreTeaLogoCompany Bio: By now, you have probably discovered the wonderful taste and variety of loose leaf tea and tea’s health benefits. Are you also aware that loose leaf tea has a smaller eco-footprint than tea bags, because of its bulk packaging? And, of course, loose leaf is economical – significantly less than whole leaf tea bags.

Product Details: Enjoy the benefits of loose leaf tea anytime, anywhere, with your Libre tea glass! Take along your favorite loose leaf tea, and simply add hot water for easy, great tasting loose leaf tea all day long.


Personal Experience: I have reviewed a Libre Tea Glass before and really loved it, so I was more than happy to bring their latest designs to you. The Libre Life Collection features three new designs to add variety and style to your tea glass collection. I am reviewing the Lively Leaves design.

The first thing I noted was the redesigned lid. It maintained the same functionality, but with a new material. The lid in the original tea glass is metallic. The new lid is a plastic material colored to match the design on the glass. I really like this lid design. It feels a bit more solid and sturdy compared to the original. It also adds an additional visual appeal.


The rest of the tea glass seems unchanged. It has that same double-wall glass and plastic construction that I loved before. Your tea or other beverage is inside an inner wall of glass. This gives you a much cleaner taste… no plastic aftertaste to your drinks. The plastic outer wall provides insulation for both the drink and your hands. When you hold hot tea, you get a pleasant warmth on your palms.

The new design on the exterior manages to be both classic and modern at the same time. No matter what your age or gender, I believe the design will suit everyone. It’s simply elegant. :)

There are two basic methods for making tea with the Libre Tea Glass. The first method is to put your tea leaves and water directly into the glass, let it steep, and then drink from the glass with the filter in place. The second option is to put the water in the glass, put on the filter, add your tea, put on the cover, and invert the glass to allow the tea to steep.

I take my tea glass with me frequently. With winter peeking in on us, it is being used for keeping nice hot teas and cocoa on hand when we are out shopping or running errands. It’s great for road trips short and long. It’s easy to find hot water along any travel route and I can bring my favorite teas (or fruits) with me for a much healthier alternative to packaged teas and sodas. I also use the glasses for fruit-infused water when I have meetings with my knitting group. Many of the ladies are also tea drinkers and have been fascinated by my tea glasses. Even those who don’t drink tea have said that it would be the kind of thing they look for in a water bottle or travel cup.

Since my last review, I have learned that the filter on this tea glass had to be made a bit more porous to allow the fluids to move more easily. It has meant a bit of a compromise of getting a few tiny bits of tea leaves through, but it has not been enough to make the tea drinking unpleasant.

If you are looking for a great gift for the tea-drinker in your life, this will make them very happy. Don’t forget to grab one for yourself!

Pros: Tea on the go! Easy to make. Different methods of steeping to suit your favorite tea. Great travel glass for water and other beverages, too. Price is about average for this type of product.

Cons: Not safe for dishwasher or microwave, but that’s pretty common for travel-friendly beverage products.

Overall Rating


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