Home Decorating Ideas for Window Shutters

WindowshuttersShutters aren’t just exclusive to Victorian and Cape Cod houses. With Pinterest showing people creative ways to re-purpose just about anything, shutters haven’t been left unscathed. They can be a cute and cheap addition to your home decor, and you can do a wide variety of fun projects with them to suit your personal shutter style.

Shutter Wallpaper

This is a massive project, but if you have a bare wall that needs some serious help, this is an eye-catching way to really do something different. The best way to really make a statement is to paint the shutters different colors. This doesn’t mean you should paint them the full rainbow, but if you like blue or green, for example, you’ll choose a few different (soft) shades of the color and divide the shutters up to be painted the different hues. Your wall will take on a distinctive shabby chic look with the different colors and sizes of shutters.

Mason Jar Shutter Garden

If you have a tiny porch and you want to do some small-scale gardening, consider turning some old shutters and mason jars into a space saving garden. All you’ll need is a shutter, baker’s twine, a hot glue gun, and mason jars. Lay the shutter flat on the table and put the jars where you want them. You’ll use the twine (or ribbon) to tie around the neck of the jar–just for decoration. Using the hot glue gun and super glue, glue the jars to the shutter. You can add some additional decor like a small wreath to make it match your personal decor. Fill your jars up with soil and your herbs or plants of choice. You can prop the shutter up against the wall or hang it up.

Letter or Card Holder

You can pick any size shutter you want for this project. Long and skinny will probably work better aesthetically, but depending on the space on your wall, bigger and wider could work, too. If you have a child’s artwork, lots of Christmas cards, or even just bills you want displayed in a cute way, a shutter is a perfect way to make them visible. Paint it any color you like, and if you want a more country look, choose a crackle paint. That’s all you have to do! Hang it horizontally so you can tuck the cards or pictures in the slats of the shutter. If you want to organize your magazine collection, hang it vertically and drape the magazines over the slats!

Chalkboard Shutters

This is a great idea for either your porch, your kitchen, or your entryway, and it’s so easy, too! Close the slats on the shutter so they’re all pointing in the same direction. Paint the outer edge of the shutter whatever color you like, then paint the actual slats with chalkboard paint. According to crafty types, using chalkboard spray paint is the easiest. Use this for grocery lists, holiday announcements, or schedule reminders for your family’s activities.

Shutters are often thrown away when people think they’re past their prime. It shouldn’t be hard to find shutters that are still in usable condition for a variety of fun projects. Not only are you spicing up your home’s decor, you’re recycling something, too!

Author: This contribution comes from The Ribbon Retreat, an online fabric store. They offer various craft products like bows, ribbon, buttons, fold over elastic, and even flowers.


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