Have you ever joined one of those sites that promised to make you easy money doing basic tasks at home? Did you get started only to realize you were getting overwhelmed and ultimately earning nothing? I use multiple sites like this and I’ve been there too. With some persistence and helpful members, I found my way.

One of my favorite sites is InstaGC. My favorite features there include the instant payouts and the helpful community chat feature. I thought I would share with you the methods I use to make a consistent $1-5 a day on InstaGC… and growing! Many of these methods can be applied to other sites as well.

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The first thing to note is that InstGC allows you to do offers on more than one tab at a time, so you can do things like run videos, complete surveys, and do easy clicks all at once. Multitasking helps maximize earnings and minimize boredom. It really helps to have a second device or a better computer with two monitors to handle some of the load. I use a desktop and a laptop simultaneously… plus my phone or tablet sometimes for mobile offers or the videos. I also do several pay sites at once while also doing blogging/ social media stuff to really get the most income in the least time.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

The first and easiest thing is to run the Watch 15 videos as long as some are available. Right now the limit is 1000 a day. I typically start them around 5 am and they will reach the limit by 7-8 pm. The new point format sucks a bit compared to the old way of doing these videos, but it is super easy brainless earning. The hardest part is keeping them running… sometimes they will freeze up or the playlist runs out. A refresh or clicking the close and show below buttons usually fixes the issue. You can run all three playlists at once. Playing three at once can get a bit noisy so feel free to mute. I recommend muting the tab and not the individual videos because muting the videos affects the quality of views. On every Wednesday those who watched videos are paid out a bonus (varies based on the quality of the views) for the previous Sunday through Saturday week. (My average bonus for reaching 1000 videos is 30 points a day…. roughly 200+ extra points every week.) They explain all of this in more detail at the bottom of the video page.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

In background tabs, I run through the HyperMX and Volume 11 walls. Sometimes they are just videos, which is easier to run in the background but sometimes you have to click on the next “tile” every 30 seconds or so. These are really easy and add up quickly. There’s also no thought required for these so they’re great for multitasking. HyperMX usually has more available, but you can run HyperMX, Volume 11, and the videos all at the same time without penalty. These walls are not “Big Bucks” but they are consistent and usually credit without issue. I consider them my bread and butter.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

Surveys and Crowdflower are where the consistent big bucks are. The “Daily” section on InstaGC’s main wall is the best place to start for surveys but they also have a Survey wall that has new surveys very often through the day. You can sort these by length if you want to do a quick one or have time for longer ones. Crowdflower is frustrating at times, but I’ve made as much as $20 in a single day just doing a good task there. In both surveys and Crowdflower, the key is to take them slowly, read carefully, and give honest, consistent answers. If the video walls are my bread and butter, these walls can be the steak dinner. 😉

Offers on any wall can pay well. I find the main InstaGC wall tends to have the best payouts, but if you know an offer is on multiple walls then shop around for the best payment. Do NOT use your regular email for this. InstaGC actually encourages you to make multiple “burner” email accounts. Some of the top earners make several new accounts daily. (Keep track of them in a notebook or a Google doc.) New emails seem to do best on those spammy-looking offers. Sites like Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, Hotmail, and others all offer free accounts. On many of them, you can also create multiple aliases. Diversity is good. It’s really important to note that these offers can pay well but they can also be frustrating. Sometimes it can take many attempts to get an offer to credit. Don’t give up!

You can also do offers on mobile. To access InstaGC on mobile, just simply go to the site on your phone or tablet’s browser. The site automatically adjusts for smaller screens. Some offers are exclusive to mobile. There can be good money in app downloads when they work. Only download those through the actual app stores and not apk files.

There are a chat and a ticker of recently finished offers on the right… I highly recommend watching both to see what’s crediting or tips others have. I learn a LOT from the chatters. I’m also in a Facebook group where people share tips or alert people to crediting offers. They cover other pay sites too. You can find the group here.

My final advice is to clear cookies and run your virus and malware scanners often. I use the free version of CCleaner for clearing cookies and other junk. The default settings will usually suffice, but feel free to experiment with the other settings if you feel comfortable. I run CCleaner at least once a day… more if I’m doing a lot of offers. I use Malwarebytes on a daily basis and I have it set to alert me to definition updates daily. I use Avast for virus scanning at least once a week. Many members also recommend running your browser in Incognito Mode.

I think that’s the basics. Much of it is finding your own rhythm and what works for you. You may love a wall that I hate and vice versa. Once you find your place, it really is a great way to make some extra money. If you decide to try it out, I do hope you’ll consider using my referral link. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Happy earning!

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