There are certain things that can dampen our motivation. It could be the way that somebody addresses us, a bad spell at work, keeping up with celebrities that make us feel bad about our own bodies or even just over-indulging in a treat that has made us feel bloated. We are part of one of the most productive generations that have ever lived, yet because we have so many things that are able to do the work for us (or ways to shy away from what we need to face, which is more often the case), our motivation towards the cause often slows massively.


Short Term Motivation

There are things that can aid us in the short-term. This easy to follow military diet plan is one way to shed a few pounds in little time, which is great for getting you towards many goals: feeling better about yourself, losing more weight in the long-run, receiving compliments that you never usually would’ve gotten and so much more. Getting a new haircut can massively benefit our confidence levels, and so can going out and getting a new wardrobe. Short term motivation is something that you need just to keep yourself ticking along, and it’s little bursts like this which often spring up in situations like work, education or is put towards more menial things like cleaning your house. Have you ever just had that burst of energy which has contributed towards a really great day? You need to start picking apart as to what made you feel that way. It could be something as fickle as the weather outside, or maybe a certain person has put towards this spurt of happiness. Whatever it is, you need to start surrounding yourself with it so that you can feed off of this motivation for as long as you can – especially if it’s free and easily accessible!


Long Term Goals

Putting your motivation towards a long-term goal is something that can be both brilliant and rewarding. It’s easy to lose the momentum once you get going, and you can get stuck in a rut when it seems like what you are aiming for is so far away into the future. It’s better to decide to treat yourself at certain milestones along the way – more so if you’re saving money. It may seem like a juxtaposed thing to do and a bit hypocritical if you’re spending while saving, but you’ve got to remember to enjoy the little things in life before you put all of your money towards one big thing. Not giving yourself the time or means to put towards even just a little feeling of elation can be so damaging to keeping on track and focused towards what you want. Think about it in another situation; if you were at work and constantly being told that you couldn’t do what you needed to in order to function correctly in your career, you’d either give up or ask for help. You certainly wouldn’t be as good at your job. The same goes for life – so start the motivational plans and get to where you need to be!

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