With fall approaching, the weather is starting to change. This can mean a number of things for your home and family, one of which being that you can’t get outside as much. Doing things outside the home as a family is one of life’s little pleasures. When you’re all stuck in the house together for long periods of time, you may find that you all start doing your own thing. This is fine for the most part, as everyone (yes, even your kids!) need a bit of personal space. But if you start living in separate rooms, that’s where the problems start. Bring your family back together during the colder months by scheduling a night in together at least once a week. A great idea for this evening is a family movie night. Kids are very into their tech and anything they see on a screen, so it will appeal to them, whilst also meaning you get to spend time together as a family. Take a look at these tips on how to create the perfect family movie night.


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Choose a Suitable Film

If your children are very young, it’s obviously wise not to choose anything too scary, sexual or gory. If you have teenagers, movie sex scenes can be awkward for everyone in the room, so try to pick wisely! Disney Pixar and Dreamworks studios all produce great family-friendly animated films. If fantasy is more your family’s thing, the Harry Potter movies are a great bet – Lord of the Rings is better suited to older children due to large amounts of violence. Old Disney movies are classics that everyone should watch – although your kids may be horrified at the old animation and lack of CGI!

Invest in a Great Home Cinema System

Home cinema and television technology has advanced hugely in the past few years. Plus, it’s more affordable these days too. If you’re watching your movies on a small, quiet television, or on a laptop, you might want to consider getting a home cinema system installed. These systems can combine great quality sound with a huge HD screen, surround sound and video gaming technology. If you and your family use your living room technology frequently, it could be a worthwhile investment. Companies such as TV Installation can give you a free quote so you can decide what’s right for you.


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Make Some Great Food

One of the benefits of bringing the cinema to your home is that you escape the shockingly high food and drink prices most theaters have introduced. Ordering a takeout is what many families tend to do on movie night – after all, it’s quick and tasty with minimal washing up to do. But you can easily make your own yummy cinema food at home. Homemade pizzas are easier than you think, and a lot healthier too. Get the kids involved with the cooking process so they can choose their own personalized toppings. It’s a great way to get them interested in food and cooking from scratch. Avoid store-bought fizzy drinks as this will only make them hyper before bed. Instead, mix fruit juice with carbonated water to simulate the same taste.

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