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GovivoLogoCompany Bio: There are many components in the journey to personal wellness: fitness, healthy eating and daily mental habits to name just a few. Govivo is more than just about selling products; it’s about partnering up with people to offer them the possibility to make choices that are more balanced, sensible and conducive to instilling lifestyle habits that will bring about health and overall wellness.

Product Details: Naturally Manage Your Weight uses a clinically proven ingredient: SVETOL® Green Coffee Bean Extract. Premium quality with the proven Green Coffee Bean Diet ingredient: 100% Svetol®. All natural Weight loss supplement with Antioxidant GCA.

MSRP: $39.99 (Selling on Amazon for $21.19 at the time I’m writing this.)

Personal Experience: This is my third review for Govivo products. Be sure to see my reviews for the Naturally Boost Your Energy supplement and the Running Belt! Today, I’ll be sharing my experiences with Naturally Manage Your Weight which is a green coffee bean extract supplement.


Since the Dr. Oz show introduced the world to the amazing effects of green coffee extract many imitations have popped up in the market. Govivio’s Naturally Manage Your Weight contains Svetol, which is the only green coffee bean extract process that has multiple studies to back up its claims that it shows results. This particular blend has been tested in several clinical trials. Svetol is the only extract of green coffee shown to be effective in weight control in overweight and obese people.

Taking Naturally Manage Your Weight has proven very easy to use. It is the smallest capsules I’ve encountered for a supplement, and you only need to take one at a time. You take the one capsule twice daily half an hour prior to eating and with large glass of water. I found that the water was an important part of the process, because I felt a little sick to my stomach if I didn’t drink a full glass with the capsule. It’s essential that you take the capsules twice a day and not both at once, because it helps to keep the Svetol active in your body throughout the day.


I have noticed a definite decrease in appetite over the course of each day. I would be inclined to blame the intake of water before a meal, but that doesn’t apply to my lunch or the snacks I eat in between doses. I take one before breakfast and one before dinner. Taking the one near dinnertime seems to have had the greatest effect on my evening snack habits. I try to eat frequently to boost my metabolism, but now I am no longer watching the clock for the next meal… I have to set timers to remind myself to eat! There are many times I would skip my evening snack, but I have to remind myself that I need those calories and I need to keep my metabolism doing its job.

Other than the upset stomach when I take with too little water (which is entirely my fault for not following directions), I have noticed no side effects. I have no jittery feeling, no headaches, no gassiness, nor any of the other side effects I’ve experienced with weight loss supplements previously. It’s great to make my body work better and not suffer for it!

I am doing other things such as a fitness program and changing some aspects of my diet, but I credit Naturally Manage Your Weight for helping to keep me on track over this past month. Cravings had become one of my biggest issues, but this is kicking those to the curb. I have now lost nearly 12 pounds on this program and it feels great to be finally winning the battle against these stubborn pounds!

Pros: Contains clinically-proven Svetol. No caffeine, so no jitters. All natural ingredients with no fillers. No side effects if taken as directed. Curbs appetite.

Cons: Upset stomach if you are dolt and can’t follow directions. 

Overall Experience


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