How I’m surviving a day without hot water… or my day of first world problems.

I wouldn’t necessarily have considered myself a spoiled person. I don’t get everything I want. My husband and I seek out the best deals we can and save up for the things we want… sometimes we even save for things we need. Sure I make spur of the moment purchases, but they are typically less than $25. And then our water heater decided to make life interesting in the castle and I gained a little appreciation for the luxury of hot water.

Now, one would think that your water heater springing a leak would have been noticed at some point before it turned into Niagara Falls. Nope, not here. The geese flocking to our laundry room to do a bit of fishing before continuing on their journey South should have clued us in. A few random puddles here and there made us think it was the central air unit. Somehow we managed to miss the science experiment of mold and rust growing on the back side of the tank…


How did we miss that?! And what exactly is that brown mystery substance pooling around in the water? Guess it was time to call someone. We made a few calls. Did some quick research. Scheduled an appointment for later today. And then set out with positive attitudes that we would have a new water heater soon.

I didn’t think we used hot water all that much. I even said to my husband, “When I was younger, we lived without hot water for almost three months of a problematic remodeling project. I think I can handle a day.” Famous. Last. Words.

I figured we could let Xander slide for a night on his bath. What’s it going to hurt? Oh, but then he decides to spill an entire cup of honey-infused milk down his front side. Yep… it was sticky and gooey. I had to boil water to scrape together enough of a bath to remove the goo. Kids have this habit of splashing. I swear I refilled that tub no less than 100 times. Where are Jack and Jill and those pails of water?

I (try to) work out every morning and follow it up with a shower. I figured I could skip a day of working out and spare my housemates and the repair guy the unholy smell that arises from my post-workout body. Okay, it’s not that bad… but I do feel all gross and grimy if I don’t shower as soon as possible. Just… ewww.

So I happily took a day’s break from working out. I went along to the mirror to make myself presentable for the day. This is when I discovered that my temperamental hair chose this particular day to go into oil-sludge mode. Seriously… who dumped the bucket of oil on my head in my sleep? I set to washing my hair in the cold water and hoping for the best.

As I rose from the depths of icy waters, I discovered just how cold it happened to be in the house today. As my hair turned to strands of icicles and my contacts frosted over, I fumbled to the thermostat only to discover that my husband had already turned it on. It did not feel like 69º in this house! I decided to break out the hair dryer for a rare heated drying session to warm up.


And then there’s the dishes. Why does it seem like we’ve gone through every dish in the house since we lost hot water? It’s only been three meals in that time span, but the dish pile looks like we served Thanksgiving dinner… to an army… twice. I’m really not supposed to hand wash dishes, so I’ve been hiding what I can in the dishwasher (shhh… our little secret) and using the “You would have had to work today washing machines at work, so why not wash dishes while you’re off?” line of reasoning with my husband. Hey, someone has to deal with the overflow and he took a half day at work. ;)

Washing our hands in cold water is no fun, either. It just doesn’t feel clean. I caught myself using extra soap. I’m sure that will be great for those of us with sensitive skin.

Only two more hours to our appointment. It can’t take that long to install a whole new water heater, right?

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  1. That was so funny. But you boil big pots of water for bathes and dishes, and yes, it’s a pain but you do what you gotta do.


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