{Infographic} Measuring Online Public Relations Effectiveness

One thing that is clear among everyone is that internet engagement is the way to reach the widest audience. Conversing through Facebook, sharing via popular hashtags on Twitter, and showing off your product in videos on YouTube are all top ways that brands are engaging with their loyal customers and reaching out to potential new customers. But, how do you measure the effectiveness of this engagement?

 The public relations industry is constantly evolving as new technologies and means of advertising find their way into public use. Tighter budgets mean that you want to know if your marketing is truly making an impact and getting your brand out there. Without standardized means of measuring effect, it makes the task even more difficult. The industry has made some outlines of what to measure, but determining what those measurements mean for business is still up for debate. Would you like to be a part of solving the problem? Consider applying to earn your master’s in Strategic Public Relations at The George Washington University!

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