As we come to the end of another year, it’s only natural that we begin to look at the changes we can make to ourselves and the environment around us ready for the new year. As our nearest and dearest start to focus on losing weight, heading back to the gym or saving up to travel to that far-flung destination they’ve always wanted to visit, your resolutions lie much closer to home. In fact, your resolutions are your home. With white or magnolia walls, a muted color scheme and neutral tones adorning every room of your house, you want to inject a bit of life and vitality into your pad for 2018.

As an interior design novice, it can be hard to strike the right balance between erring on the side of caution and merely having a bright, colorful rug, or going over the top and giving every color of the rainbow pride of place in every living space. Take a look at how you can inject some creative vision into your humble abode.



It’s vital that you plan. It’s all too easy to head to the local DIY store, pick up a couple of cans of paint and just start slapping it on the walls. Don’t. First of all use your trusty friend Google to check out some mood boards, interior design ideas and color scheme successes. Check out sites like where you’ll find a vast array of ideas to help you come up with a nuanced vision for your home.

Make a list of all the rooms that you want to tackle and the jobs that need doing within each of them. Whip out your calculator, do some number crunching and formulate a budget that you can stick to. Be careful because seeing your creative vision unfold can quickly become an expensive business.

If you are planning to revolutionize your home with a whole new paint job, consider getting the professionals in. They’ll be able to do it in half the time you can and they’ll ensure a top-notch finish. If you do want to save a bit of cash, consider ditching the paintbrush and roller for an airless paint sprayer to do it yourself. Head to a site like, and you’ll find a wealth of advice, impartial reviews and budget-friendly options to help you select the best piece of equipment for you.


One Off Pieces

Once you’ve decided on the color scheme that you are going to employ, you need to complement this new creativity with some unique one-off pieces of furniture from your dining table to your lighting. You want to create a dwelling that has every visitor open-mouthed and muttering the exclamation ‘wow’ under their breath.

If you’re a bit of an insomniac and struggle to switch off and unwind before bed, the aquarium headboard surround could be just what you need. Overarching your pillows the fully boxed frame is a giant fish tank. Little Nemos and Dorys could be swimming around you as you attempt to nod off. The relaxing sound of the water filter and the hazy sight of tropical fish can instill a real sense of relaxation. Although it sounds a tad wacky, the aquarium bed is a creative masterpiece.



The ambiance that you create within your home relies heavily on the lighting that you choose. Tall floor lamps, spotlights, and pendant lamps all create a different brightness and tone to the light they emit. Depending on what sort of lighting you select, you could have stark bright white and clinical light or a warm golden yellow hue. To give you maximum control over your lighting it’s a good idea to have dimmer switches added to each lamp or light source.

Vintage filament bulbs have seen a surge in popularity in recent years with the emergence of all things retro. People enjoy harking back to the olden days. The swinging sixties is being reborn with funky anglepoise lamps sitting proudly next to the twenty-first century Apple Macs and adorning desks across the nation. Overarching Sputnik looking chrome floor lamps are turning drab looking studies into sci-fi inspired havens. The lighting that you choose for your home can add the much needed creative flair that you are searching for.

If you fancy something a little bit kooky why not explore the option of purchasing a light shade that when placed over the main ceiling light can transform an entire room into a haunted-looking forest. The unique structure of the shade allows angular and tree-like shadows to form across all four walls creating a spooky, atmospheric and wonderfully creative design.



If you’re still a little bit shy to paint a wall bright yellow or allow your love for crimson to encroach on your bedroom wall, think about accessorizing your rooms with color. Fantastic rugs with bold geographic prints as well as pattern laden sofas can transform a stark-looking room. It is more than possible to mix pattern and color with minimalism. If you love floral designs, think about having a feature wall in your living room using heavy flock wallpaper covered in roses, chrysanthemums or orchids.

When it comes to the more practical rooms in the house like the kitchen, ensure that you pay attention to your appliances. You could install an integrated and futuristic extractor fan or a hosepipe style tap. If you’re thinking of changing your kitchen units, why not go freestanding and mix up the modern with the 1950s-esque retro curvy lemon yellow or mint green cupboards.

With any renovation for your own humble abode, it’s vital that you don’t rely too much on trends and fads and instead follow your heart and creative vision. You should be creating a space that you adore, enjoy showing off to family and friends, and can’t wait to get home to every single evening.

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