{Interviews With Myself} Back to School ~ #RockYourBlog


Are your kids {or the kids in your town} back in school yet?


My son is not yet school age, but the kids in our neighborhood headed back to school today. I also got inundated with back to school and first day of school photos on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter streams.

It’s strange to think that Xander will be among them in two years… heading off to kindergarten.

My first memory of school was first grade. My teacher’s name was Mrs. O’Clock. It was winter, so a bit into the year and not really a “back to school” story. I think I only recall the moment because it was a bit traumatic. I had a friend named Sonya… we buddied up because our names rhymed, because friendship in those years is cool like that. We thought it would be fun to pull a Christmas Story moment and stick our tongues on the light pole. It didn’t end well. My tongue still aches with the memory. :P


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