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Have you ever broken a bone?


When I was seven years old, my little sister and I were playing hide and seek in and around our house. It was my turn to hide, and I was scrambling to get in the house. I had a great hiding place in mind. On my way up the front steps (which were made of concrete), I tripped and fell forward… twisting my ankle in the process. I still remember it hurting a LOT!

I crawled into the house. There was no swelling or anything, so my mom thought  that I just twisted it and that it would be fine if I just put it up for a bit. She told me to head to bed and rest for a bit. I couldn’t even make it up the stairs. That’s when Mom decided that it might be more serious than it appeared and we headed off to the ER.

I can still remember the painful process of taking the x-rays. That tech wrenched my ankle every which way to “get a good picture.” All I could think was that I felt ten times worse after getting x-rays than I did when I rolled in the ER.

The x-rays showed no breaks. They wrapped me up, gave me some crutches, and sent me on my way.

Four weeks later I was still in considerable pain. My mom mentioned something to her chiropractor and he asked if it would be okay to see my x-rays and do an exam. I can still recall the feeling of satisfaction when he pointed out the hairline fracture missed on the original x-ray. Our regular doctor had implied I was just being dramatic and that I wasn’t in any real pain. The new x-rays he took showed a larger, more obvious fracture.

The chiropractor set me up with an air cast to better stabilize my healing ankle. I actually walked down the aisle at my uncle’s wedding in that air cast…. thank goodness the dresses were gigantic Southern belle monstrosities that covered my leg completely.

I was warned then that it would never be quite right because of the incorrect treatment up to that point. He was right, but I am grateful that he helped in doing what he could to make it better.



  1. ah i remember dislocating my toe when i hit a brick that was hidden under a tarp it was sticking out at a 90 degree angle and the doctor stuck a pencil between the two toes and pushed it back. worst pain ever and I still feel it aching sometimes!

      • It was terrible and because i have always been a kinda hypochondriac my mom didn’t believe me when i called to tell her, So my older sister had to get on the phone and tell my mom that it was really bad and she needed to get home!!! Im the boy who called wolf LOL!


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