{Interviews With Myself} Halloween Costumes ~ #RockYourBlog


If you celebrate Halloween, have you decided what you or your children are going to dress up like this year?


Oh, we definitely love Halloween here. I don’t decorate quite as much as I used to, but I’m slowly building our collection. Costumes are always fun and I love to see all the creative ideas that people come up with. My parents had a lot of skill in that department and I wish I had picked up a bit more of it!

I don’t typically make my own costumes, but I do try to make the most of store-bought items. We pretty much knew that we were dressing Xander up as a dragon this year, but we didn’t know which direction we were going in. Then I got a review opportunity for Costumes4Less. They had a complete dragon costume for toddlers that I couldn’t resist! Stay tuned for the review… I can’t wait to show you how adorable he looks in it!

To compliment Xander’s costume, I am planning to wear a dress from Holy Clothing that I previously reviewed. It is a very medieval design, so I thought it would compliment the dragon costume very well. I’ll try to make or buy a crown to make it more princess-y.

Ross has Renaissance garb of his own that I am encouraging him to wear as well. We might as well embarrass ourselves as a family!


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