{Interviews With Myself} An Introverted Night Owl ~ #RockYourBlog


Early bird or night owl? Introvert or extrovert?


You could ask nearly anyone that knows me and they are very likely to know that I am a night owl. I can be a bit zombie-like before noon. By contrast, at midnight my brain is just starting to wake up. My favorite jobs were those where I worked at night. I like that it is normally quieter and less hectic at night. Stores open 24 hours are the best, in my eyes. The weirdos come out at night… and I fit right in! ;)

I think some may be surprised that I consider myself introverted. I can be very open and honest online, but it is much harder for me to open up to people in person. I can be brutally shy. I’m not afraid to share my opinion or talk about things I love… it just takes me time to feel comfortable doing so with most people. It’s probably a good thing I met my husband online. We had the opportunity to get to know each other quite a bit before we ever even met.

So, I am an introverted night owl. What are you?


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  1. We are very similar. I love owls btw and your pic of the owl kind of FORCED me to click on this post. :)


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