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Any big plans for Labor Day Weekend?


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My plans for Labor Day Weekend are pretty boring… not much different from a typical weekend. We plan to run to a few local stores to take advantage of some very good deals on groceries and other things we need. I also plan to work on some reviews for this blog, because I’m still behind from my vacation last month.

I am seriously considering painting our main bathroom. It’s not overly large, so I could do the whole thing in a day… maybe two… and it is desperately needed. It will also be cool enough on Monday that I can open up the house for ventilation.

The whole inside of the house was painted this hideous yellow color with grey sponging on it. According to our realtor, who was a friend of our houses’ previous owners, this was what they did when she told them they needed to repaint the walls to make it more appealing to buyers. The effect made it look like the paint was splotchy and fading. There was just so much of it, too! We have been slowly tackling room by room to rid ourselves of it.

I have a lot of leftover paints from doing the playroom/office area. They are different shades of green plus some white. I’m thinking of mixing some together to get a minty green color. I think that would look great with the black and silver color scheme of the bathroom… at least better than splotchy yellow!

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  1. good luck with your painting! i know its a big project to take on!


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