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Do you cheat at Solitaire?


I never cheat at Solitaire. What would be the point? I enjoy playing different types of Solitaire games and I would hate to take away the fun of the challenge by cheating.



  1. I am so silly!! I do t cheat at solitaire but I did do something just as dumb…in my eyes!! I paid for a domain site/name, or whatever you call it, hoping to start a site like yours, but with my own topics…AND I HAVE ZERO CLUE ON WHAT I AM DOING!! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry….lol!! I need a mentor!! Do you have any advice?? This is as close to cheating as I get!! I love competition too much to cheat!! And I love honesty!! I dig your blog!! Thanks for the good reads!!

  2. I do if I get close, lol – hate to play all that time and lose! ha ha

  3. I love to play solitaire and I never cheat. I really don’t think I would get much of a thrill out of winning if I did!!

  4. That would be dumb to cheap. Its just me playing so I just start over,If I “won” every time what would be the point.


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