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Tell us about your grandma.



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Talking about my grandparents is a difficult subject. It’s one of those topics that usually makes me reply with, “It’s complicated.” I don’t really know how to tell the story without writing an entire book.

My grandma was never the knit by the fireside and bake cookies type of grandma. I spent my life believing that my grandparents felt that I was a waste of air. I have only had contact with my grandparents out of respect for my mom, the peacekeeper. It will sound harsh when I say this, but it is truth… My dad’s parents died before I was born and I never knew them. My life would have been better had the same been true of my mom’s parents. I also have no doubt that my mom’s life would have been better as well.

I am jealous of those who have wonderful grandparents, but I console myself in knowing that I got the best two parents a person could ever ask for. I also had an aunt, my dad’s sister Marge, who did all she could to be the grandparent my sister and I never had.


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