{Interviews With Myself} Hot Dog ~ #RockYourBlog


What makes the perfect hot dog?


It probably won’t be a popular answer, but for me the key start is a quality vegetarian hot dog… a veggie dog or tofu dog, as some like to call it. I prefer to keep it pretty basic. I like it grilled until it is just warm, so that it has the grill marks and holds the juiciness. I like to take a hot dog bun (lightly grilled, wheat) and put a line of pickles in the crease and top that with a swizzle of ketchup. Then put the hot dog in, top with shredded cheddar, and enjoy. I have a weird habit of taking one bite from one end of the hotdog and then one bite from the other; repeating until it’s gone.

There is one way it could be made even better. I grew up loving chili dogs. It was always a big treat when we made them… complete with root beer floats on the side. We always topped it with canned no-bean chili. It sounds disgusting, but I loved the stuff. I would love to discover or create a recipe for vegetarian no-bean chili, so that I could make a completely vegetarian (or vegan) chili dog at home.



  1. For me The perfect hot-dog would consist of homemade ranch dressing, shwabbs chili and topped with shredded cheese!!! yummy

    • I never thought to try ranch on a hotdog. I love ranch dressing. Hmmm….


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