“Is that what you’re wearing?” is what my six-year-old son asked me as we were getting ready to head out for his summer program today.


Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/pug-dog-pet-animal-puppy-cute-801826/

Okay, so I admit that I was wearing an outfit that looked a lot like what I typically sleep in, but still. My husband has never talked to me like that or asked that question of me. Where does he get this stuff from?!

I know the question was likely innocent. He saw me in what looked like pajamas, but I was dressed for the long walks we take to and from the school. It still irritated me a little that he took that tone with me. I gently reminded him that I make my own clothing decisions and it was rather rude to comment in that way.

Kids! What will they say next?


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