As your child is getting older, it is important to make sure that they feel comfortable in their bedroom. For example, a six-year-old will no longer want baby toys in their room and certainly will not want any comforters that they used when they were a baby. Children grow out of fads really fast, and it can be hard sometimes to keep up to date with the latest fashionable toys, TV programs and other aspects of growing up that a child will need – or want.

If your child is growing up faster than you can keep up with, then an idea to make sure they are content and happy in their bedroom is to add new bits and bobs here and there. They have not got to be expensive things – in actuality, they can be very cheap or you can even make things yourself, with your child, adding fun and quality time to the mix. If you have seen outdated children’s bedrooms at a friend’s house, or at a family member’s house, you will know that it really is not appealing for the child to sleep in a room that no longer reflects who they are and what their personality is like. It is highly unlikely that a 12-year-old will want posters or toys, or a duvet with a cover of a children’s TV program for 4 to 7-year-olds, and vice versa. It is vital to get the flavor and characteristics of the room just right.


First of all, remove any old toys that may still be laying around. You will know if it is time to get rid of a toy if you can’t remember the last time your child played with it, or if you thought you had already thrown it out! You can also judge your child’s reaction when they see the toy to judge whether it needs to be thrown away. Then, remove any old posters of films, TV shows, or educational posters off the walls. Replace them with modern, up to date posters or prints of things your child enjoys – or even take the time to paint or draw with your children and frame the result on their wall.

Books can amass very quickly, and if there are any books in your child’s room which are designed for a child of a younger age, give the books away to a friend or neighbor or pass them onto a charity ship. Then, go out with your child and allow them to choose new books – parental advisory required of course!

You could build things out of cardboard boxes, let your child’s imagination run wild. You could build a robot, a boat, a chair – anything. The final result can then be stored in your child’s room. You can guarantee they will spend hours playing with it and will imagine it as something else once they are bored with the original creation.

So, take a look at your child’s bedroom. Does it need a bit of change?

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