I have been so grumpy for the past several days and with no reason to be. It seemed like everything was irritating me.

My son got up relatively quickly the last couple days instead of the usual last-minute, but I was still annoyed that I had to try a couple times to get him up. He was moving so sloooooow doing everything.

The walk to the school was not as hot as the first week of the summer program, but I felt so weak from the heat. A few of the moms at the school seemed to be giving me disgusted looks. I felt ugly and out of place standing there sweating in my baggy shorts and tee after a mile walk in high humidity while they strutted out of their air-conditioned minivans in perfectly done makeup and yoga pants.

The house has been cleaned a million times, but it still looked dirty. I kept cleaning and cleaning and getting nowhere. It smelled stale to me too. I really want a cool enough day so I can open the windows and get fresh air in here. It’s probably more than clean enough by most standards, but I wanted to burn it all down. 😛

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Work has been scarce. I do writing (including here, of course) and pay-to-click type jobs and there has been very little to do. My income has gone from hundreds a month to barely scraping together a hundred. Okay, so maybe that’s a legitimate reason to be irritated, but I’m too moody to make any real progress there.

I’m constantly hungry for sweets. I slacked on my low-carb diet during vacation, but now that I’m back on track it is a much bigger struggle. I’m otherwise not hungry. Nothing sounds good. I’d rather not eat than eat another piece of chicken.

My husband is being lazy. For example, he knows my injury is bugging me, so I can’t lift and properly clean the cats’ litter boxes. They have not been cleaned since we got back from vacation over a week ago. I normally scoop every single day and completely change it out every week or two. Okay, again, another good reason to be irritated.

Sleeping this week has been awful. I can’t get comfortable. The bed feels too hard and the couch feels too lumpy.

Today got better, though. I overslept right through the alarm to wake my son. He kept on sleeping too and eventually woke me up at about the time I would usually be picking him up from his summer class. I felt so rested! We played games, we had fun, we cleaned the house (he even mopped!), and we generally have had a really good day. I guess I had just been tired.

And then my husband came home with a case of the Gloomies. I’m sending him right to bed after dinner! 😛

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