Last week, we learned how the story of Slade and Trinity began. It was truly a meeting of creative minds! They embraced the vibrant culture of the art district of San Myshuno and knew that they would be there for a long time.


After achieving considerable success in their art and writing careers, Slade and Trinity had moved up to a larger apartment in their building and were enjoying the fruits of expendable income. They loved the wide open spaces of their apartment, but somehow it was feeling a bit empty. Slade and Trinity were so in tune with each other that they didn’t even need to discuss it… they knew what was missing. Soon, little Journey filled that apartment with giggles and joy.


Journey was everything two parents could ask for in a child. She was a gorgeous little girl with an adorable smile and an even cuter pout. She was curious about the world around her and loved to meet new people. She caught on to new skills quickly.

Journey was always on the go, so naturally, there were times she would just crash. Even the most well-behaved of babies will cry now and then too. 😉

From a young age, Journey showed a love of reading and science. She couldn’t get enough of books. Every time the nanny came over, the first thing she did was ask him to read her a book. She was even known to go to bed early just so Mommy or Daddy could read her a book. 😀


Journey wasn’t the only addition to this little family. When she was a toddler, Slade and Trinity adopted two furry friends for her to grow up with. Meet Cosmo the cat and Tara the Australian Shepherd!


We’ll get to know the crazy pets a bit more in a bonus installment tomorrow. Meanwhile, catch up with the family and explore more sims, games, toys, and giveaways under our Play & Win category!

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