As moms, we try and aim to ensure our kids stay happy and healthy while in our care. After all, we don’t want to do anything which could jeopardize their long-term health. But a lot of the time moms can miss not-so-obvious things would ultimately could harm their child. Therefore, to ensure you keep your kid safe, here are some dangers you need to watch out for!

You Need to Watch out for Pests in the Property

You might think that pests will never come into your home. After all, you go to great lengths to make sure it stays clean and tidy. But even with an immaculate home, you are still at risk of getting pests in your property. After all, common pests like mosquitos and ants can simply get through any open window. Therefore, to ensure this doesn’t happen, you should get an insect screen to stop them entering your home. And also, fleas can become a big issue in your property if you have pets. While they can harm your furry friend, they can also cause health problems for the kids. Therefore, make sure you get a flea preventive for your animals to stop any intruders arriving in your home.

Be Careful of Chemicals in Your Home

A lot of people don’t actually know what’s in the chemicals in their home. Products like cleaning items can contain chemicals which can harm your child’s health. In fact, it can lead asthma sufferers to have attacks in the home. Therefore, always go for eco-friendly products for the sake of your kid’s health. And as we said before, things like paints can give off volatile organic compound emissions (VOC) which have been linked to things like allergies and hormone deficiencies. Therefore, always go for low-VOC paint which will keep your kids safe. And you might not even realize that your kids can be exposed to the organic chemical compound Benzene which can be found in things like dyes, detergents, and plastic. Exposure to this can cause nausea, dizziness and even death. And it’s even been linked to leukemia. In fact, some people are even attempting to get legal compensation for benzene exposure! Therefore, always be careful about what is in the products before you buy it!


You Need to Be Very Careful of Their Online Use

In the modern age, it’s more common than ever for kids to be using social media pages. In fact, kids as young as eight are joining to speak to their friends online. But it’s so important you are careful about their online use as they might end up talking to strangers who are much older than they say they are. They tend to go on games or chat rooms which have been designed for youngsters. Therefore, always make sure your kids only speak to their friends. And always have their passwords so that you can keep an eye on them, so they are not in danger!


And remember to always make sure your kid is safe before they hit the road. Whether it’s double checking they have a helmet on if they are riding a bike, or making sure their seat belt is on, it could ultimately save their life in the event of a crash!


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