January 1

I had spent the last several months mainly focused on knitting dishcloths. I felt like I didn’t have much time to knit the last few months of 2017, so it was nice to have small projects that I could complete quickly… it gave a sense of accomplishment. The start of the  year is slow for me among my income sources, so it’s back to lengthier projects like socks. 🙂

I’ve had the yarn for these socks in my stash for quite awhile… long enough that it was a new product when I ordered it. I know that the yarn is KnitPicks Tonal Stroll, but the colorway has been lost to me. I had rolled the hanks of yarn into balls long ago and the tags were lost. I would swear the color was Castle Walls or something along that line, but a colorway that looks nearly identical (maybe a little darker) is now called Thunderhead.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

I like having projects that I can knit while doing other things, so I usually have one simple sock going. This pair of socks is that project. It’s a simple 4×2 ribbing that I will carry through the entire top of the sock. I like doing this for a nice snug fit that holds up even when you get near the end of the day.

January 6

I’m very accustomed to KnitPicks yarns and usually impressed, so it is a surprise for me to say that I’m a bit disappointed in the Tonal Stroll. It feels rougher than the solid Stroll yarn and has been a bit rough for my sensitive hands to knit with. I also encountered a few breaks in the first hank and one in the second hank. An occasional break in the yarn is okay… and had actually been quite rare in my experience with KnitPicks… but to encounter at least four before I’ve finished with the pair of socks is disappointing.

That said, the resulting socks are looking lovely. They will be a great basic sock when they are complete. I just hope they hold up as well as other socks I have knit with Stroll yarns. I will share additional pictures in an update once they are complete.

February 27

It took forever and a day, but I’m finally done. It was definitely my roughest KnitPicks yarn to work with and I think that’s what slowed me down. I do like how they look, though. I included a little close-up of the yarn so you could appreciate all the color variation that doesn’t really show in the full sock.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

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