As I mentioned in the original Mandala Spirit Boyfriend Beanie post, I had about half a ball of the Mandala left, so I figured I would just make another hat. I’m having a lot of fun knitting these… probably a good thing because the requests are rolling in.

January 17

I skipped over the remaining grey section and began this hat with the dusty blue color. (It looks greyer in the photo.) It should end with the dark blue. I like that it will be dark at the crown and light at the cuff. It should be visually interesting. I plan to take a more leisurely pace with this hat, but I’ve noticed I go faster on patterns after the first go-round.


January 19

I really love this pattern. It’s so easy to understand and memorize. The DK weight makes it a really quick knit, but dense enough to be comfortably warm. I still can’t believe this came from the same ball as the first hat… they look completely different!


January 20

I finished this up late in the evening. I didn’t have as much steady time to knit because we had a busy weekend and Xander came down with an ear infection. It still went really quickly if we count actual knitting time. I really love the colors of this one. 🙂



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