This will probably… maybe… kinda… be my last one of these embossed scarves for a bit. I have probably gone a bit crazy with this Mandala yarn. It’s funny because I originally wasn’t a huge fan of the yarn. I’m glad I gave it a second (and third and fourth…) chance. It’s very easy on the budget compared to the yarns I usually use and there are plenty of pretty colors to choose from.

February 1

The colorway in this project is called Wood Nymph. It’s similar to the Unicorn but more muted and dusky. I really liked how it looked on the ball, but I’m not liking it as much knitted out. I think the colors worked better grouped together rather than in the sections. Yeah, I’m strange. 😛 I still think it will be a lovely scarf.


February 3

This one took me just a bit longer than the others. I think I was getting bored with doing this same thing over and over.


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