After knitting all the hats and scarves, I decided… as much as I swore I wouldn’t… to knit some mittens to match the sets. The Mandela yarn is a DK-weight, so I went to Ravelry in search of a basic mitten pattern. I found Easy Mittens.

February 18

I decided to start with a pair for Xander. He had the first scarf and hat that I knit in Mandela. I had plenty of the Spirit colorway left to make a pair from the leftovers. For his, I decided to try to make them match because I had only bits left from each color. Remember that the ball I used for his scarf did not transition through colors as easily as it did in later balls plus I had already made two hats from the ball.


February 19

Finished these in the wee hours before Xander headed to school. I had completed the main section of each mitten the night before, so I just had the thumbs left. I was a bit frustrated with the pattern… it’s kind of poorly written. For something called “Easy Mittens” it would have been completely confusing if this had been my first time trying mittens.


Maybe I’m missing it, but there was no gauge information. These run really small. The Ladies S/M for Xander a bit snuggly. They would be way too small for a woman.

February 20

I decided to see if the Ladies M/L would fare any better. I like the basics of the pattern. If nothing else, it will give me what I need to write up my own pattern. It has been a bit tough knitting right now because I’m still dealing with a flare up of my skin since Xander’s hospital stay. These are made to match the Wood Nymph set.


February 21

So far, I’m thinking the cuff should be done with a smaller needle and there should definitely be more length in the hand and possibly the thumb too. The first mitten fits, but it’s also snug. I usually wear a medium in gloves. I am knitting these as the yarn goes, so they will be mismatched with each other but will match the set.


February 24

I finished the Wood Nymph mittens. They fit me, but not comfortably. Mom said they fit her well but agreed that the cuff needed to be a bit snugger.


February 25

After having Mom try the Wood Nymph mittens I was able to go forward with her pair in Unicorn. I got a chance to try out my new square knitting needles… love them! I made some minor modifications to the pattern. I did the cuff for the smaller size and then increased to the number of stitches of the larger size. I added a couple rows before the thumb and after the thumb. I shortened the thumb itself by a row. It was still slightly short on me but should fit Mom perfectly.


February 26

I completed the Unicorn mittens. I think I’m done with mittens for a while.


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