As a knitter, you tend to collect a variety of scraps of yarn. My collection of bits and bobs is mostly sock yarn. I wanted to do something useful with all my scraps. Originally, I started on a Beekeepers Quilt. While I do love the idea, I wanted a project that required a bit less concentration that I could knit at my desk.

March 26 – Week One

My goal is to knit using two strands of scrap yarns at a time. As one strand runs out, I will replace it with another to create a constantly evolving colorway. It reminds me of the old rag rugs. Ugly beautiful. šŸ˜‰


April 2 – Week Two

Well, I have discovered that I don’t have as much love for KnitPicks needles as I once did. Many years ago I bought a complete interchangeable needle set from them. In that set was several lengths of cables. I had only used the shorter cables (those under 24 inches) in all these years. In just a week’s time, all three of the long cables came apart at theĀ join after about 10 rows of knitting each. After the first cable broke, I became hyper-aware of how the project was weighing on the needle because I thought maybe the weight of the blanket was the issue. (Although let’s be honest, the blanket was not yet much heavier than a scarf.)

It got to theĀ point I had to use the cable connectors to combine two shorter cables. Even though I was careful, these also started to separate at the join. Needless to say, I am very disappointed.

I sucked it up and went to Amazon to order a new needle. The Hiya Hiya needles were in the top-rated and I had enough stored up in Amazon cards. So far, so good. They have actually made the knitting go faster. I’m not sure if it’s the very flexible cable or the slick, sharp points. Either way, I’m very happy… and no sign of loosening connections yet!


April 9 – Week Three

I made pretty quick progress this week. I was sick for most of the week and didn’t really feel like doing much else. The new needle is still amazing me, too. It’s such smooth knitting and the cable just flexes where I need it to. I’ll definitely need to get more of these in other sizes. I should have known I would like them… my favorite sock needles are also Hiya Hiya.

As it gets longer, I’m realizing it’s probably much wider than I really needed to do. It’s hard to get an exact size across yet, but it looks like it will end up at about a queen-size. I keep thinking how much more progress I would have made onĀ the lengthĀ if I hadn’t made it so wide. (It’s currently a little more than 15 inches long.) I did 300 stitches, but I think 200 would have still made a very generous sized throw.


I will try to remember to share my progress each week.

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