Ages and ages ago… before I met my husband Ross and before Xander was born… I bought a huge package of sock yarn that was really budget friendly. It worked out to about $1 a ball. The yarn is cheap and scratchy. It does get better with washing. Knitting with it is a challenge at times. I only ever completed one sock from that entire package of yarn. I swore I would use up all my sock yarn before I buy more, so here we go.

March 19

I should have just completed the scarf, but I can’t just have one project going at a time. It’s like it makes my brain itch to stick to only one project. Is it just me? This yarn isn’t quite as bad as I remembered, but it is still annoyingly prone to splitting. I’m still kind of glad that a lot of this yarn was lost or damaged when Ross and I moved into our home.


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